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  1. Rehbock

    NullDc released

    nullDC v1.0.0 BETA is available at its working really good and it can catch up with chankast. :evil:
  2. Rehbock

    Thrill Kill on Epsxe

    Thrill Kill most of the forum user maybe knows that it doesnt work on Epsxe doenst work correctly and the screen stays black. I googled and searched around just same old things Read Tutorial etc.... The Solution is use an other Cd-Plugin i tried a few but it works fine with the...
  3. Rehbock

    Soul Calibur 2 Pics [Warning 56k]

    Played on Ultrahardcore i like that game :]
  4. Rehbock

    Daedalus R7 pics

    Some Screens A bit Mario A bit Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero Not my fault for the upsite down... Ready to Rumble 2 Snowboard Kids Spider-Man EDIT: OK Some ZELDA In this room above i get with Pre8 Full 18 fps :drool: My Favorite its a demo ;)...