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  1. Waan2k

    hmm Chanka 0.2 anyone :)

    12/06/2004: Chankast alpha 0.2 released. About the news in this release: - Improved stability, no more random crashes during gameplay - Fixes to the GFX core for games such as Shenmue 1&2 and Soul Calibur - Better compatibility, for example F355, Dead or Alive 2, Virtual On and many...
  2. Waan2k

    question for garrofi :)

    Hi garrofi My question is how's the MMU Emulation coming along, I really looking forward to it getting emulated as it will make a lot of games start to show :) cheers and keep up the great work :)
  3. Waan2k

    a few questions about new 1964 :)

    hi guys Great work on the new release hey it's improved heaps from 85 :) first question what plugin is good for a radeon 9800 like my one with 1964 Touken Road 2 what plugin is right to get that working cheers Josh
  4. Waan2k

    Rice's video plugin

    Hello, I'd like to thank rice for keeping up with his great plugin :). I love the new settings like sai 2x and smooth and alll. I belive this plugin has already become great if not the greatest one yet :) Anyways I just wanting to ask you RIce a question about it. Will there be a option for...
  5. Waan2k

    Thank you Jabo :)

    Hi I just want to say my thx to Jabo and the others involed in PJ 1.5. Your hard work has really Paid off and it does indeed show it :) I thought I'd write a small list of what everyone can enjoy with the new pj 1.5 :) Banjo and tooie: I seriously didn't think this would ever be emulated but...
  6. Waan2k

    Geforce 4 ti questions for pj

    HI guys, I going to get a new card in the next day or two and was wondering. Does pj support any new features in these cards, like does the water in some games look better or 2d look better. I was going to get a radeon but people have been having problems with it, so I thought I'd get a...
  7. Waan2k

    n64 usb conveter problems

    hi guys, I just bought a 64 converter the other day. I'm having a few problems one when I plug in the converter the light on the converter box comes on but XP does not detect it. How do I install the driver properly. The drivers I'm suppose to use are monster.inf I think thx for your time :)
  8. Waan2k

    PJ is great just got a few questions :)

    hi, I was playing around with pj, running 1080 and could not get my tv to get displayed on the whole tv screen(twin Viewing). So I played with pj and set the res to 720x568x16 and then full screen on my tv :) Thing I want to no is how can I set my windows to that res to display fully. I no this...
  9. Waan2k

    1964 Emu

    Hi there, Iam new here but ive been following pj64 and 1964 for quite some time. It's great to see that this emu is still going strong, I want to just say a big thx you to Authors, 1964 has and is becoming something really special :) The reson Im posting is just to give me thx you's to the...