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  1. Josep

    PJ64 ported to xbox...

    Haven't been here in awhile:) PJ64 has been ported to xbox:) i'm soo not going to post a link to it...
  2. Josep

    FF Origins:)

    looking good;) and sounding good too:)
  3. Josep

    xbox linux! yea;)

    Ok, i know most of you know this already exists, and if you don't, um, you suck;) J/k, anyway, good stuff, it does work very well;) this updated guide helps:
  4. Josep

    Thats what i'm talkin' about, thps3 for n64;)

    o yea, probably the last n64 game made ever i'd guess;)
  5. Josep

    Further proof that xbox is a pc;)

    Well, not exactly, but you get the picture;) YES it is an xbox inside a pc case;)
  6. Josep

    Other emu boards and babe threads...ofmg...

    Here's PROOF that other threads support 'babe thread' threads;) I could give a shit anymore, look how fucking hopeless this guy is with his posting! Sh1T:crazy:
  7. Josep

    oh no, here it comes...

    It was going to happen sooner or later...
  8. Josep

    "DON'T BUY A GAME" week;)

    Yup, its finally here, DON'T BUY A GAME week, SO DON'T!!!!;):happy:
  9. Josep

    funny irc comic;)

  10. Josep

    Go get it you retro-gamers!!:) hurry up!!:)
  11. Josep

    Next Gen-consoles to Drop $50 SOON!:)

    Yup, you read the topic right, ps2=$150 x-box=$150, and gamecube=$100 insanity if this is true!!:)
  12. Josep

    Something to bitch about

    I'm doing a research paper about smoking cigarettes, and ran across the website: although pointless, i felt like "contacting" them by bitching about how unorganized they are, but the artwork looks pretty cool doesn't it!!:angry: anyway, this is some of my bitching to them: As...
  13. Josep

    Now a Sequel to FF7?!

    a sequel to ffx and now a rumour about a sequel to ff7?! awesome!!:)
  14. Josep

    ICQ, what a wonderful program;)

    I get the program today for various reasons, and what happens 5 seconds after i log on? the pic says enough;)
  15. Josep

    Maximum Burning speed with different programs

    Ok, just got a 100pk of 48x compatible cds, i have a 48x writable burner, and when i try to write an image, it says i can only do 40x, with nero, anyone know if this is suppose to happen? or is there some other program i can use or what? err, and cdrwin is reading it fine...:plain2:
  16. Josep

    PSO for GC FOR USA;)

    Just reserved my copy;) going to get it on Wensday;) Hopefully there are some other people here that remember how awesome it was on DC and are now getting ready to play it on GC:) I'll of course give some personal input on it, as well as i hope some other people will too;) Got the last known...
  17. Josep

    yet Another good reason to get a Gc;)

    Shut up! shes pretty stinkin' hot!:)
  18. Josep

    How to resize a animated bmp;)

    just like the topic, how do i resize an animated bmp file? like what program would i use? ;) thanks whoops, its a gif, damn its late;)
  19. Josep

    Mario Party 4...again

    Jeez, i didn't want that to turn into a damn spamming contest, anyway NO TALKING ABOUT IT unless its related to mario party 4 dammit ok yes, i did get mario party 4 today! Awesome game, kiddie music, MAJOR face lift with the graphics(obviously) Waay more items to have fun with(even electric...
  20. Josep

    Research paper ideas;)

    Yea, most of you know what i'm talking about;) Anyone got any good serious ideas for a good research paper? Excluding abortion and the death penalty, perferably a topic with two conflicting sides if anyone feels like throwing out a few ideas;)