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  1. The_Agent

    Shenmue 2 - looking for help

    right i have searched the entire Chankast forum, but can not find what I'm looking for, has anyone found a fix for the shenmue 2 game by echelon this is doing my head in, if any has non echelon 1ST_READ.BIN an IP.BIN it would be greatly appreciated as i just want to see what this great game...
  2. The_Agent

    The Help Thread (Djipi's and also Federelli's packs)

    PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING Any questions pertaining to "where do i put such and such textures" for the mod that is CEL-DA by Djipi and the hi rez mod by Federelli. PLEASE NOTE: Djipi's mod is unfinished, there have been some releases BUT. Most releases are NOT in there proper folders for...
  3. The_Agent

    What settings do you lot use for Soul Calibur 2?

    just a question but what settings in Dolphin do you lot use or do you all use the same ones? just intrested also you can add other games as well if you want Post away
  4. The_Agent

    How to ask for help, a newbie guide

    Right if you want help here's what to do 1. Provide as much information about your system as possible, or better yet add it to your profile as a signature. 2. Post the error as the topic title, as this will help us more, just saying things like "error" or "HELP!!!" is not a very good and clear...
  5. The_Agent

    Whinecube screenys

    soul cal2
  6. The_Agent

    1st_boot.bin help for tomb-raider Chronicles and F355 challenge

    hmmm OK I'm having trouble getting this to work, right iv got my DC disk in the drive iv extracted the damn thing, but i cant for the life of me get the bin files sorted so that they self-boot, every time iv tried using Exors self-boot thingy it just crashes and freezes me PC so i have to do a...
  7. The_Agent

    how to remove the echelon intro

    found this post in another forum so credits to JC for this one Removing the Echelon intro Credits to jc Some people may wish to remove the Echelon intro for one reason or another, a major one being that the intro sometimes screws up the sound/music initialization in their rip of Unreal...
  8. The_Agent

    just incase the devs read this

    just want to say thank Q to the devs of chankast if they read this for releasing free of charge a damn fine emulator, nuff said keep up the good work, if not, hope ya do well in what ever u do next :party: ***edit*** anyone know if soul caliber is ment to have sound under chankast? shame...