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  1. tye stik

    PCSX2 + .ISO = no worky

    So I have the latest PCSX2 in, seemingly, workable condition. I also have an .ISO of a compatible game. For some reason it wont work. I've tried to load it through the .ELF thing going on, but to no avail. What the bloody screw do I need to fix to make this work?
  2. tye stik

    ¤°FoUr TwEnTy¤°

    This is a very special moment for me... its my 420th post day today! :party: I think I'd like to take this opportunity to share some insite on drug use in the gaming community. Personally, smoking weed and playing video games has been a favorite passtime for me for over 5 years. These days I...
  3. tye stik

    PS3 pwns all

    Theres a lot of smack talk about the PS3 goin' on 'round these parts, and I must say... I don't take too kindly to such jabber. We're talking about an entire home entertainment system here... one that includes features never before seen from a living room couch. Imagine being able to show off...
  4. tye stik

    DVD Burner Software

    I need a program that can burn DVD's from .avi, .ogm, and mpeg-layer 3. It needs to be free and contain no crapwares. Any ideas? :sombrero:
  5. tye stik

    lament of the Emufanatics user

    Some contorted desolation of coding has defaced the emufanatics skin.
  6. tye stik

    Mozilla Firefox, less secure than IE?

    I got this from Wow, isn't Mozilla suppose to be a waaaay better alternative to IE?
  7. tye stik

    Living Online

    I was reading this article today that I found really interesting. It was about how being connected through Forums, MySpace, IM's, and even cell phones has fundamentally changed our generation for the worse. Why worse you say? Well, I suggest you read the article 'cause its a damn interesting...
  8. tye stik

    Windows Media Player 10... is gay.

    I just ported, like, 20GB of music from my old computer to my new one and I've been having trouble getting some of my mp3 format songs to play on WMP10. I'm kinda obssesive compulsive about what I install on my brand new semi-beast so I wanted to stick with Micro$ofts default crapware. It says...
  9. tye stik

    Opera compatibility with Google Labs

    I'm having some compatibility issues with my Opera web browser. Its mostly Google products that give me a hard time. I can't use Page Creator, Spreadsheet, and some of the Gmail functionallities. I dont understand how this fairly popular browser isn't supported... what could be the problem...
  10. tye stik

    teh leet, teh nub?

    Yeah, so I just recently discovered the wonders of online video broadcasting... well, I've been checking out videos on Google Video and YouTube for awhile, but I just started uploading my own. I thought I'd try and get more people to rate my videos. I have 3 so far, I might get around to making...
  11. tye stik

    Is my computer compromised?

    When I open up the Task Manager on my computer it will no longer allow me to select or even see other options other than the live applications screen... i cant even 'end task'. I've scanned for malicious software and found none. I've checked the Add/Remove program list... went into 'msconfig'...
  12. tye stik

    Ultimate Sega Saturn Games

    I've never owned, borrowed, or even played a Sega Saturn and I now have an oppertunity to give it a try. What I want to know is... what games should I get?
  13. tye stik

    Half-Life 2: Work damn you, work!

    Coming home after an hour drive from the insidious Wal Mart demon fortress I proceeded to board up my room and reap the rewards of my daunting quest. */Zelda treasure finding sound/* Alas, the best in what 2005 had to offer is in my hands... Half-Life 2! I pop in the CD... "Enter CD key"...
  14. tye stik

    PC to Laptop

    Alright, so I'm buying this laptop (Aspire AS5672WLMi-XPH Notebook (1.66GHz Core Duo, 1GB DDR2, 100GB, DVD±RW DL, Windows XP, 15.4" TFT))... its one hell of a deal and I think I'll be happy with my purchase... my only problem is that I'm not exactly sure how i'm going to be able to transfer my...
  15. tye stik

    .bin and .smd

    I was just wondering what the difference was between .bin and .smd files.
  16. tye stik

    If it wasnt for the MPA, and their pesky dog!

    I dont know if there are any guitar players out there... but if there are are any, join me in my utter disgust, and, and... AHH! Repusive, detestful, mongoloid, monopolizing, bastards!. Where am I gonna get my guitar tabs from? BUY THEM? HA...
  17. tye stik

    For anyone who ever wanted to make an MMORPG

    Alright, this is big news for anyone who has ever said to themselves... "man, that would be cool if i could make my own MMORPG". I for one think this is totally neat, and its about time an opportunity like this came along. Anyways.... its called If you ever wanted to make a...
  18. tye stik

    GunZ: The Duel

    Whoa! This game is totally awesome, totally free, and totally stylish! This is, like, the quinicential Anime-kinda FPS. You can do all these crazy moves off the wall and shit... sorta like John Woo films. Its set up alot like GunBound but for a 3D action shooter. You need to check it out... To...
  19. tye stik

    Sid Meiers Civilization **(fairly large pics)

    Truly epic. If you have never played a game of Civilization... you simlpy have to. For me, I was never exposed to the earlier SNES (Civ 1) and sequel (Civ 2... which was released on PC). It all started with Civilization 3. I remember days when me and my 2 best friends would sit from after school...
  20. tye stik

    Super Mario Allstars

    :akuma: Until just recently i've had no problems with the compatibility of Snes9x and Super Mario Allstars. When i boot it up i get a bad checksum message and it wont let me play... but if i reset the console the game will work. This is the message i get....