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  1. timmyhawky

    Slowdown in some situations

    Hi, I've been playing Zelda: Majora's Mask on my notebook. It runs at full speed, without any graphic problems, but a few situations cause a great slowdown: Using the Lens of Truth Switching masks End of a day, when the screen gets smaller I think my graphics card doesn't support some effect...
  2. timmyhawky

    searching on emutalk

    when use the search button in the plugin forum and enter: best plugin, it searches only for the keyword plugin please help
  3. timmyhawky

    wtf is emutalk territory clan???

    here above
  4. timmyhawky

    gba emulation on a slow pc

    which gba emulator is the fastest one??? i want 2 play it on a 166 mhz 2mb gfx with 32 mb's of RAM i've tried visual boy advance and tried everything but it keeps running @ ~10% of the speed in the menu of zelda 4 swords:( sorry for my bad english
  5. timmyhawky


    is there one method that when you are playing arcade games and go game over it don't send your score automatic??? i hate it when the connection is slow and i have it 2 wait loooooong:down: sorry for my bad english
  6. timmyhawky

    x360 emulation

    is there anyone working on a x360 emulator???????????
  7. timmyhawky

    minimum video card???

    what is the minimum gfX card 2 get ingame with zelda WW??? it doesn't matter when it is unseeable what happens
  8. timmyhawky

    what must RAM do su you can play a game???

    wtf must RAM do to play a game? when i think about that, i think always the processor or video card:(
  9. timmyhawky

    rules question

    why you don't may ask where 2 download roms or how 2 extract original games? so how must u get your games emulated without extracting or downloading them???
  10. timmyhawky

    gameOS question

    is gameOS too good for normal games and applications??? if not, works it for all n64 emu's???
  11. timmyhawky

    game specialities

    what game is ur expertise??? my one is sm64:bouncy: it is easy the first game i ever saw:cry: and the first game i saw on n64 emulation:P
  12. timmyhawky

    mario sunshine

    does someone know something about the book u can see in noki bay in the mission red coins in a bottle after the right door inside the building??? can dolphin help???
  13. timmyhawky

    the best hi-res texture project

    which hi-res project is the bestest do u think??? i used only the newest projects
  14. timmyhawky


    what is a bios? i am not asking for bioses. sorry for my bad english thx
  15. timmyhawky

    file type question

    can someone make a list of all those dolphin file extensions with some info about it. i hate it when i read the topics and i can't understand it. sorry for my bad english thX:bouncy:
  16. timmyhawky

    reteXturing in other emu's

    is it too possible to use retextured games in other emu's????????????????
  17. timmyhawky

    n64 emulation question

    i've a question: how much years after the release of the n64 was n64 emulation possible @ full speed and with no(or close to that) grafix errors???:bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy...
  18. timmyhawky

    zelda MM

    can some1 make a list of the items that u need to give to the zombies in ikana village thX sorry for my bad english
  19. timmyhawky


    why i get problems in wireframe when using default in d3d clear mode and when switching to always these are fixed??? see attached images i use pj64 1.5 sorry for my bad english
  20. timmyhawky


    can some1 post some screenshots of suprahle????? sorry for double posting, but noone looks @ the shle forum