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  1. Freesnake

    please help the best emulator in China who is suffering from a deadly illness!

    His name is 李可文,whom is the best emulator in China.We can call his nicky name Kervin.He has made a series of emus called "Dreams",as the representation is "DreamGBA"----an excellent GBA emulation.For his success,he even became the "emu leader" in China. BUT,such a good man,owns a really...
  2. Freesnake

    there will be a new chanka version this week?

    I've just heard that there will be a new chanka version released in this week,is that true? BTW:this is my first thread here. :P
  3. Freesnake

    Need MGS2's play

    Could anyone help to give me a complete copy of MGS2's play(English version),I have to do a translation task for study now,so I chose to MGS2's play.Thanks very much for reading my request.