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  1. Cönker1

    Mario Kart pictures

    Hi, I'm making an actual Mario Kart and I need help with the frame. I have a picture of the frame from birds eye view as shown here What I'm asking for is pictures of the frame from the side so I can plot out the back bar which holds onto the mufflers. I'm creating this Kart with a Briggs &...
  2. Cönker1

    SSBM Mario Kart pics

    I'm inquiring about the Kart in the Trophies list of Super Smash Bros. Melee. I was wondering if anyone with the ISO and the emu could take high res snapshots of the cart from every different angle zoomed up. Why? Because my friend and I are fabricating a mario kart styled go kart, right down...
  3. Cönker1

    Perfect dark (j)

    Does anyone have any information about this game? Like is it called Red & Black? Has anyone played it and what are the main differences between it and the English version?
  4. Cönker1

    Gamecube N64 emulator - ripped?

    Since people have been saying the Zelda Master Quest rom was ripped from the GC bonus disc I have heard that the GC has a N64 emulator. I was wondering if anyone has ripped that off?
  5. Cönker1

    Xbox ctrler in PJ64

    I have an adapter to use the Xbox controller on my PC, I was just wondering how to get the rumble right. Whenever I use the rumble feature its just one constant speed. Is there anyway to change this? I'm pretty sure its Force Feedback.