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  1. soccerboi00

    Sega's support for the Revolution is Leading to Good things (yes this is ontopic)

    Imagine, playing Nights on the Revoution. Or Shining Force. Or Panzer Dragoon. Or being able to download a Sega Saturn emulator made by Sega, that plays Sega Saturn Cds. I'm definity getting a Revolution now. (quote from Nintendo Revolution wiki, except the stuff in the parenthesis)
  2. soccerboi00

    Chrono Trigger Ressurection (Large Images)

    I know its dead, but it's damn beatiful.
  3. soccerboi00

    Satourne Doesn't Work

    I have all the plugins setup in satourne, but when I load the bios, the messages on the console do not change, or acknowledge that I did anything, and won't start. I know I have the right bios, because it works with SSF. Any help appreciated.
  4. soccerboi00

    Question about All Saturn Emulators

    When I mount an sega saturn game image with Daemon Tools, all of the Sega Saturn emus (SSF, Satourne, Cassini), they just go to the audio player and do not boot the game. However, on Cassini, it has an option to boot from an image, and that works. Is there a special way I need to mount it to...
  5. soccerboi00

    Help with Hotdog!

    When ever I start up Hotdog Professional v7, I get this error message: "" FATAL ERROR: D7530H:F002A3C Memory buffer underrun "" and then it just quits. It just started doing that, it was working just a couple days ago. I have not made any hardware changes in the last few days so that can't be...
  6. soccerboi00

    Question about plugin

    What version VRML does the Lemmy's Graphics plugin extract the map as? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. soccerboi00

    List of 3D modeling apps with VRML Importing

    List of 3D modeling apps that can import VRML Most of these I know nothing about. If you know anything about these could you post a review and I'll add it. Also if you know of any others, please post those too. 1. 3DMax - Description; The best as so I've heard - $500. There are other ways...
  8. soccerboi00

    Gamecube Emulators

    I think it's kind of odd how the Gamecube Emulation scene is the most active scene of the 3 next gen consoles. Actually the only one pretty much. I mean, there are what, 5 gamecube emulators, and 3 of them are in active development? PS2 has only 2 and both seem to be dead. Xbox also has 2...
  9. soccerboi00

    im getting a dreamcast!

    ok, im getting a dreamcast and I need some suggestions on games. anyone have any ideas? (i cant play online so dont say PSO)
  10. soccerboi00

    nooB question

    What does scrambled and unscrambled mean for Dreamcast homebrew? I know it has something to do with 1st_read.bin but Im not sure what about it.