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  1. Nelde

    New Paper Mario

    I'm retexturing Paper Mario in the style of the newer games of the series. If you want to be updated more frequently, you should check out my NPM gallery on deviantART. Here are some pics: Progress: General: ~10% Mario's House and Goombaville -Background: 100% -Characters: 90% Toad Town...
  2. Nelde

    Problem with save states

    Hi everyone I'm currently working on a retexturing project and because of that I need to have many save states to easily access certain scenes or to check whether or not my new textures work. I used to work with Project64 but now I switched to 1964 because the textures work better with it. But...
  3. Nelde

    Tiny Luigi pack for SM64

    hi everybody when i said tiny i really meant it: the pack only contains 3 images =] i made it out of boredom after i found a code for turning mario's red into green so i did his "L" and the face. the code is included in the zip file. hope you like it and have fun! nelde