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    Hi, do anyone have this dumps from mario kart 64: - OK - R DATA - L OPTION Thanks
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    Predator82's High Resolution Packages

    Mario Kart 64 Textures Hi, I´ve made a couple of textures for Mario Kart 64 (Game Select Screen) Download Updated @ 12.04.11 Textures.Emulation64 Mirror Target-Folder: Plugin/hires_texture/MARIOKART64 They only work with the European / American Game Made with GIMP for Glide64 Free...
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    Jabo´s 2 Glide/Rice

    Hi, it is possible to change jabo´s hi-res-files to get them work with glide/rice? greets
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    hi does anyone work on a extreme g2 hi-res pack? greets pred