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  1. RPGlover12

    Serial cable

    Hey there, well i just bought a serial cable for the mobile now i tried this on two computers my computer and another computer it didn't work on mine i tried all programs all com ports nothin really works i tried it on the other mobimb saw it in 1 second wat could be the problem i checked...
  2. RPGlover12

    Linux Problems

    Hey all , I have a problem with Linux Well I installed Linux ManDrake 9.0 and it told me to resize a partition on C for it to install,after i finished all this shit when i tried formattin and re installin winxp it gave me an error message sayin C is corrupted. Anybody Got any Advice on wat to...
  3. RPGlover12

    2 Problems

    Hey there, i just now have 2 problems 1_ my isdn connects and everythin but doesn't do anythin doesn't show websites connect to the msn or any other shit and this problem is only on xp thouigh i reinstalled but still nothin happened and am now usin win98 2_i had a virus on xp and it infected...
  4. RPGlover12

    Mouse problems

    Hey all i got a mouse problem sometimes when i open a game the mouse freezes at where it stopped this happens alot in pj64 and nhl2002 sometimes but rarely in ut2k3 wat could be causin this problem am usin the default dx that came with xp and i also changed the mouse but the same problem...
  5. RPGlover12

    photo shop pro 7

    hey there guys anybody got a good site bout tutorials for photo shop pro 7 coz i need to learn how to be prof with it :) thnxs in advance
  6. RPGlover12


    i know this is not a irc quote but its hell god dam funny :) TheBadGuy-4-Life : You wanna cyber? Funlover51617 : sure TheBadGuy-4-Life : ok on a battlefield in world war 1 u start TheBadGuy-4-Life : war is goin on around us TheBadGuy-4-Life : but we dont care Funlover51617 : what...
  7. RPGlover12

    Isdn problems

    Hey there , anybody has an isdn that has a problem if he's signing on the 2 channels it stops everything for like 5 minutes like for an example am downloadin a game after a long while it stops loadin everything doesn't even send massengers messages i have fritz card wat could be that problem...
  8. RPGlover12

    Leavin for 3 days

    Am leavin for 3 days and i will be back after that :) i dunno if any give a fuck but i just posted that lol ,cya guys after 3 days :)
  9. RPGlover12

    Battle field 1942

    Hey there, i downloaded battle field 1942 me and a friend for him ti works great but for me , but for me it stops loadin at the end or at the begging and after that it wont start the game at all and wont even cancel when i press escapeand i have to reset the computer but my friends doesn't...
  10. RPGlover12

    time to scare the kiddies

    this is a site that has some ghost and ufo stuff check it out check the gallery for the ufo and stuff who believes this stuff :P , not me ofcourse :)
  11. RPGlover12

    any body can help

    Hey i recieve those gay french emails they are always sent to me on hotmail they fucken piss me offf and i hate them how can i make them stop being sent and if am hacked or a guy from my list he's my cousin and he sent a friend on the net a virus he sent a friend also a conv i had how did he do...
  12. RPGlover12

    i need ur help guys

    hey guys look guys i really need ur help tommorow is an exam in visual basic and i forgot the codes of how to make a calculator and now tommorow there is an exam to make calculator and other stuff now i can't remember how to make it so if anybody knows , or somebody already has it on his...
  13. RPGlover12

    graphic card help

    hey guys i have a problem wiht my tnt2 m64 32 mgs when irun any game ti doesn't find the graphic card like here is a screenshot and also in deus ex and in delta force and every 3d game i reinstalled the drivers and still the same problem i installed the latest drivers and no effect what should...
  14. RPGlover12

    u didn't get what i said

    guys when i was talkin in the old one all u said about just gta3 all i said about gta3 is that i downloaded it and nothin else i dont need help with it so we will close talkin about gta3 ok here is the real problem in the gta3 folder when i downloaded it there was a folder for winxp...
  15. RPGlover12

    i need help guys plz help me

    hey guys , i've downloaded gta3 yesterday from kazaa and when it didn't work on xp i found there is a problem with it in winxp so there was a patch (note:i had the full but i installed the limited time so i used windows xp activator and there wasn't a problem tell yesterday) when i opened i...
  16. RPGlover12

    dragonball z

    hey guys i just want to ask u a question which emulator run dragonball z 100% cause all of the emulators run it sucks i can't see anything so help me guys thanks in advance
  17. RPGlover12

    my xp is ruined

    ok guys here is my proplem , when i open my computer and then close it then open it again the whole windows shows the background and then shows the icon again and this is hell confusing me just showing the background then after 1 min it shows every thing again and i can't find any fix for it so...
  18. RPGlover12

    Interesting debate on existance of god, worth a read 2

    well lets continue it cause the old one was closed and here is a good proof sk8bloke a really good one ofcourse u know noah and his ark well they found his ark and look at it in the next post
  19. RPGlover12

    how do u make a poll

    hey guys how do u make a poll i want to make one is it allowed to anyuser ot do it thnx
  20. RPGlover12

    how do u guys

    hey how do u guys make so much posts i try to make atleast 100 with suffering am now 95 and am trying to make more posts like blizz about 225 and eagle sk8bloke sytaylor smiff martin macca and many others how do u post so much like before u reinstall the ikonboard matin blizz or eagle...