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    1964Video - official DevTalk & Release thread

    Name: 1964Video Type: N64 Emulator video plugin (under community development) Licence: GPL 2.0 Targeted: All 1964 emulator users Supported Emulators: All windows-based emulators with plugin support (1964, Project64, Mupen64plus) Requirements: MS C++ Redistributable Package Latest Download...
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    VC++ issue w/ Rice/Mudlord N64 plugin

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to compile the source code of the N64 graphics plugin created by Rice/Mudlord. But as I'm a little bit out of C++ and as I don't know the VC++ IDE, I ran in some trouble... The following errors are occuring: 1>Verknüpfen... 1> Bibliothek...
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    HighResEaser - retexture backgrounds in a wink

    Name: HighResEaser Type: Photoshop Script Licence: GPL 2.0 Targeted: Retexture artists Function: Takes over the donkey-work at retexturing backgrounds, logos, skyboxes and similar things. Supported Plugins: All Requirements: Photoshop with scripting support (minimum Photoshop 7)...
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    Good old time...

    A Nintendo commercial from 1998 about the N64: Typical american kids, aren't they? :satisfied