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    bluetooh recomendations

    does anyone know of a good USB Bluetooth device that will allow 4 wiimotes to connect simultaneously with out problems. I've looked all over the place but i just not convinced that it will work with 4 controllers. just wanna be certain before i buy one. thanks
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    Dolphin Freezing at loading screen

    trying to play metroid prime trilogy and its the only game out of the 20 games i have for the WII that actually freezes on the loading screen? is there any settings i should try to see if it will help with that? the other 19 games i have play just fine no freezing at all
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    adjusting cpu for the chankast

    is there a way to change the cpu on the chankast itself to possibly slow it down..??? i have a cdi i want to play and the only version that this game does NOT crash on is the chankast alpha 0.2a but it dosen't allow me to make it full screen so i can put a v sync so i can make the FPS a...
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    Dolphin question

    in the dolphin i have this little blue lettering in the top left corner "Lag: 1" what does that mean?
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    chankast question

    so i have a version of Deamon tools pro, and im able to mount the image but it tells me to insert a disc.. so i wanted to give deamon tools 3.29 a try but my version of windows dosen't support it. any suggestions?? also too if anyone who currently has this working would you be okay if i PM you...
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    sound garbled..

    its only on twilight princess.. but i got 1/2 way through the game and ALL of the sudden the sound is all garbled.... could it be the ISO i have? or is it the dolphin?
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    Dolphin Hot key Configuration

    i currently have Dolphin 3.5-367 and i was wondering if there is anyway to configure the save and load hot keys to the a Logitech Dual action controller instead of having to press Shift+F1 to save and Pressing F1 to load. does anyone have any pointers? EDIT: i get to the configure screen and i...