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  1. Harteex

    Guild Wars

    Anyone here played Guild Wars during the World Preview Event? I think it rocks! I will definetly get this game when it's released! From the site: Guild Wars is a competitive online role-playing game. Players can engage in cooperative group combat, in single player adventures, or in large...
  2. Harteex

    klatumE :D
  3. Harteex

    LemmyD3D8 ini - worth the time?

    Greetings everyone I just thought I could give a go at creating an ini file again, it was a long time ago since I made the last ones... When I use Nemu I'm mostly interested in Lemmy's plugin. It feels more right to use it with Nemu. So what do you think? Is it worth the time to create an ini...
  4. Harteex

    1080 Snowboarding problems

    Greetings I can't seem to get 1080 Snowboarding to work. According to that ini files that comes with Nemu, it should work. But all the menu's (except main menu) and in game are invisible... I've tried messing around with the ini with CompilerMode, TLB, and a few others. I'm using Lemmy's gfx...
  5. Harteex

    Crytek Engine - Impressive!

    Here is a movie of the Crytek engine, and it's really impressive. Choose a mirror:
  6. Harteex

    Free Windows & Linux network games

    I'm looking for some fun network games... games that are playable on both windows and linux. I already know about FreeCraft and BZFlag, do you know any other fun games?
  7. Harteex

    dextrose is back

    Hey did you notice that dextrose is back?
  8. Harteex

    Congrats Jaz!

    Congrats on your birthday Jaz! :)
  9. Harteex

    Congrats Dominator!

    Happy Birthday Dom :)
  10. Harteex

    Congrats Tesla

    Congrats Tesla who has just become a moderator :D
  11. Harteex

    Congrats to Martin

    Congratulations on your birthday Martin! :)
  12. Harteex


    It's great that the messageboard is working again. Nice job. I have the first post here :D