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  1. vleespet

    Bro, do you even lift? (about exercise)

    Glad to see at least one response to such an off-topic thread 😅 I will of course keep an eye on the topic in case of future replies but first gonna hit the gym because of two spare hours I have right now in between of obligations ;)
  2. vleespet

    Bro, do you even lift? (about exercise)

    Hi everybody, It's been quite some time after I used to visit these forums regulary but of course will never forget the irreplaceable fun I used to have at Emutalk! However, life goes on and a lot has changed for me. So now for something completely different. One of the things I remember most...
  3. vleespet


    Hellow fellow people, A lot has changed for me! Always anticipated on a carreer in IT when I used to be around here a lot (I was 15 back then), but working in healthcare now. Nowdays I barely watch movies or play games anymore. I'm sure that someday I'll pick that back up. Most of the spare...
  4. vleespet

    A happy birthday to Redah :)

    Happy birthday, old IRC-pal :P (sorry, but I don't visit it much anymore because of too little time). Have a good one :party:
  5. vleespet

    Emulation64 magazine

    I've been thinking about something like this for a pretty long while, so don't think I'm talking nonsense (like many newbies that come up with an "un-do-able" idea). Well, the title explains the idea: creating a emulation64 magazine, which is being sold by the website (once in the 2 or 3...
  6. vleespet


    I've been busy for a while with much calculating stuff in c++, but now I want to go a bit more advanced (note that I'm not very experienced). Now my question: what's the easiest way to draw a (preferably coloured) line in c++ (dos mode).
  7. vleespet

    My week in Paris

    Well, as some of you probably know I've been in Paris for a week. Here's a little report and some pics from what we have done: Monday: Went to Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower. Purchased some things (if you have been there: you know it's impossible not to buy anything :P). Thrown off a piece...
  8. vleespet

    N64 video plugin help for everybody

    I've noticed that there are many people who are asking which video-plugin they should use. Of course you have the right to ask this question since there are so many advantages and disadvantages in video plugins, so please refer to this thread if someone asks this again. Note: "supported"...
  9. vleespet

    MSN help needed

    This will be one of the few threads I'll start in my complete emutalk-life, but I currently need a bit help :P. To the point: is there any way I can check the IP address of the person I'm chatting with?
  10. vleespet

    how do i dwnload xbox games

    From #emuunlim: *** cool_bann [[email protected]] has joined #emuunlim <cool_bann> how do i dwnload xbox games <vleespet> are you using mirc? <cool_bann> yep <vleespet> type /timer 0 1 /hop into the console *** cool_bann left #emuunlim [] *** cool_bann [[email protected]] has joined...
  11. vleespet

    Vleespet's English Grammar test!

    Fred had had had but Tom had had had had had had had been right. This sentence is grammatically 100 % right but there are missing a few ,s and "s. Now it's to you to place them at the right places. Good luck!
  12. vleespet


    Does anyone know a few good sites with information about programming in C++ with VESA (the old DOS api)? I require it for a top-secret project (you'll hear more from that later :)). Thanx in advance.
  13. vleespet

    Happy birthday Rice!!!!

    Happy birthday to Rice. His biggest present will probably be the amount of good comments on the beta!
  14. vleespet

    How's the weather?

    Just interested, how's the weather at the place where you live. Here it's snowing a tiny bit.
  15. vleespet

    1964 0.9.9 beta review

    1964 beta 0.99 review: 1964 is a N64 emulator which is worshipped by many emu-lovers. Schibo decided to release a nice present for us with new year's eve and that is definatly a big step in the way of perfect emulation... uhm probably above perfect because he even managed to put the speed and...
  16. vleespet

    GC: Gameboy player

    The Gameboy player is a tool to play your GB(A) games at your Gamecube. The quality is excellent however, it has no extra GFX-filters. Graphics 15/20: The overall GFX quality of the Gameboy player isn't bad, but there aren't extra filters included, it's just an exact copy of the GBA and...