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  1. The Khan Artist

    Sound oddities

    Well, I must say I'm pretty impressed with the new 1964, but 'tis of course not perfect. ;-) Schibo's new audio plugin seems to be missing some sound effects in at Smash Bros. To see the difference, compare the first part of the SSB intro with Schibo's HLE audio to LLE sound with the PJ64 RSP...
  2. The Khan Artist

    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

    Is there seriously no thread for this yet? Maybe I'm just too tired... Anyway... Wow... wow. That's all I can say. The battles were awesome in the true sense of the word. I was shaking in my seat, and not from caffeine. The only thing I felt Peter Jackson messed up on was where Frodo escapes...
  3. The Khan Artist

    glN64 problems with ATi Catalyst 3.8 & 3.9

    I just upgraded to Catalyst 3.9 (from 3.7), and lo and behold, glN64 stops working. All it displays is a black screen. So, I tried Cat 3.8, and it did the same thing. 3.7 works fine. I grabbed the atioglxx.dll from 3.7 and reinstalled 3.9, then put it in the 1964 folder. It works. I'm using...
  4. The Khan Artist

    "dsound fail"

    OK, this is weird. I just finished reinstalling Windows XP and all my software because I royally screwed my graphics drivers. And... now 1964 won't work. I start it up, and I get an error saying "dsound fail" in the status bar in the lower-right corner of the 1964 window. I am using the exact...
  5. The Khan Artist

    GUI Request

    Would it be possible to have a Number of Players column in the GUI on the new 1964? That would make it SO much easier trying to find new multiplayer games for me.
  6. The Khan Artist

    Adaptoid problem

    OK, I got my Adaptoid from Martin a few days ago, and a InterAct SuperPad 64 today, and I was rather excited. I downloaded and installed the Adaptoid 2.01 drivers and plugged it all in. Loaded 1964 and configured N-Rage's plugin to use the Adaptoid as controller 2. Then I sat down with my...
  7. The Khan Artist

    Voice Actors Needed

    Ever wanted to be a superstar? Here's your chance! :P If you have a good voice, a decent mic, and some flair, check this out.
  8. The Khan Artist

    Nokia buys Sega online division
  9. The Khan Artist

    Reply button

    It should be a "Quote" button, not "Reply", seeing as it is Quote w/ Reply.
  10. The Khan Artist


    Look at ATi's new driver license!
  11. The Khan Artist

    ATi frame buffer read speeds

    Well, Pete just updated his PSX GPU plugins with a special "ATi release", and here is an exceprt from the changelog: I thought I read something that with recent driver updates, the Radeon 9700 Pro was about 5 times faster than anything else at copying framebuffer to system memory. So is it...
  12. The Khan Artist

    Building your own Adaptoid?

    Anybody have schematics for building an Adaptoid? I don't want some standard N64 controller -> PC controller adapter, I want an Adaptoid, because it emulates a N64 connector, not just a PC game controller. If there aren't any, does anybody want to give me an Adaptoid to crack open? :D I'd share...
  13. The Khan Artist

    The lips on the wall

    Is it just me, or are those a pair of giant lips?
  14. The Khan Artist


    :n64: Gonetz is da man. :satisfied Ph33r teh l33t l0w-r3z gr4ph1cs, b4by!
  15. The Khan Artist


    Hee hee hee. I am now running Gentoo on my work boxen. Pretty cool, if I may say so.
  16. The Khan Artist

    Crackly sound (LLE)

    System specs are below. I am using 1964 0.8.5, PJ64 1.5 RSP, and 1964 Basic Audio 2.0. In any game I try to run (some are worse than others) the sound is crackly. In Ocarina of Time, it's just noticeable enough to be annoying. In Banjo-Tooie, it's absolutely horrible. I've tried using...
  17. The Khan Artist

    Best WinXP Voodoo 5 drivers?

    ^^^ See title. ^^^
  18. The Khan Artist

    Space Shuttle Columbia blows up over Central Texas

    Space Shuttle Columbia blows up over Texas Today is pry def gonna go down in history.
  19. The Khan Artist

    My new PC

    Well, I've been saving up for quite a while, and now I'm finally getting my dream box! After lots and lots of research, here is what I've come up with:;action=display;threadid=7638 Any comments, suggestions?
  20. The Khan Artist

    A couple of questions 'bout uHLE

    1) Does UltraHLE use a dynarec CPU core? If not, how much would uHLE benefit from one, and do you plan to add one? I don't know how much is HLE and how much still has to be done at the CPU level, so it may be kinda pointless. But that's why I'm asking. 2) In the status page, you mention adding...