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  1. VoodooX

    VoodooX Return

    As many of u know voodoox passed away recently however to honour his memory i have decied instead of using a new userid/nick i will use my fathers nick for future projects i have planned. these include:- Plugin pack with n64 plugins (like aldos but for the 64) starting voodoox ini again but...
  2. VoodooX


    Hello im voodoox/mike's son and im just writing this to let u know that mike passed away last night in his sleep. I know he had a lot of friends on this forum and i felt u would probably want to know. Sincerly james konalski.
  3. VoodooX

    Realityman Statement - Please Read

    Well I guess it had to come..... " I have done some hard thinking this evening (well morning now actually - 1:39am) and decided that my hobby is no longer of public concern. As far as I am concerned UltraHLE is dead and buried and I will be deleting the source, roms and all the documentation I...
  4. VoodooX

    Little bit more news

    I spoke to rice on Irchat the other night and after a bit of discusion he agreed to add a second discripter in the rom browser in the next, next release of 1964(the one after next!) I would like to publicly thank rice for taking the time to talk and for agreeing to do this for me. Nice...
  5. VoodooX

    Omfg, Xbox pad for me then!! Now ive done the snes hack, the psx and the even the n64 hack but this by far the easiest. Who else but micro$oft would be stoopid enuff to make their machines' pads usb compliant. They are just asking to be emulated! mmm, might hold off untill the drivers improve...
  6. VoodooX

    why are people so keen to see ultra die?

    why are people so keen to see ultra die? Its still the only emulator that plays full speed With sound on low end systems. i know the other emulators are more technalogicly (bad spelling i know!) advanced but ultra still kicks ass in the emu stakes and after all this time thats no mean feat...
  7. VoodooX

    New voodoox ini for glide 0.253

    New voodoox ini for glide 0.2 heres my new ini for glide 64/1964 Enjoy Please note:- a slight typo in the readme sez it is for 0.1 in fact it is for 0.2 Sorry 'bout that!
  8. VoodooX

    Im i the only one who's noticed?

    has no one else noticed the glaringly obvious problem with 1964's gfx? U can turn the emu stats off but not the fps counter and that means (due to 1964's wrong window size reporting) that the fps counter flashes during gameplay!::angry: If any one has a solve for this prob i love to hear from...
  9. VoodooX

    Glide3x SDK

    Has any1 else had a problem compiling dave2001's glide plugin? I keep getting the error 'Blah blah eroor in glide3x.h command 'warning' ' Im using Visual C++ 6 and the Glide3x SDK ~(latest version - I think!)
  10. VoodooX

    Voodoox INI info

    just to sayt that my ini will be released approx 1- 2 days after glide64 v0.2 new 'features' will include:- - Added info to the readme AND ini to reconise DUNCANS and -OGY's MAJOR contribution to this work - Changed listing format to make it simpler to understand and easier to read ie no...
  11. VoodooX

    N64 Glide Plugin Part 5

    Hope no-one minds part 4 was kinda full!
  12. VoodooX

    Glide64 0.1 Killa slowdown issue

    On 1080 snowboarding the game slows to crawl on the title screen. dunno why why tho? My card is voodoo2 through a intel810.erm or visa-versa...........
  13. VoodooX

    Tootie emulation encription table?

    Does tootie encription table change over crash the emu? If not maybe you could release a version whre u manually change it urself? Just a thought.........
  14. VoodooX

    Prabably a daft Q but.......

    While RCPs direct 3d is slow and has unimplimented combiners its kinda nice lookin..... Who progged it and is it still developed?
  15. VoodooX

    TR64 Open GL distribution

    Would it be possible to dist on pj64 or 1964's Website. This will allow more peeps to use your great plugin rather than hunting around on the forums.
  16. VoodooX

    Prove it Hacktarus!

    If u've managed to do in 1 week what icepir8 hasnt managed in ages of programing his plugin (ie, Ramping up the speed) then release either the source or compiled plugin!!! There are far too many lamers out there that claim to have done work they haven't. I'm not calling u a liar, just asking u...
  17. VoodooX

    JABO...Do use a favour!

    I know u have probably been asked a million times b4 but pleeeeeease could you make JABOD3D Open Source? Please allow others to continue your outstanding work!:inlove:
  18. VoodooX

    Azimar's Audio driver Still Developed?

    Open Question...... Does any1 Know? A reply from the man himself would be nice!:inlove:
  19. VoodooX

    New TR64 Open gl 0.4...... Removed Also?

    While i understand why 1964 0.8.3 was removed Why dont u continue to provide tr64's open gl 0.4? as this seems to be the only way to get it. TR64's site is NEVER updated! Thanx for the incredible speed of 1964. :sleepy: Look Mommy No Flaming !!!! :1964: Get it here:-