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  1. Evil Cyborg

    is it ok to do this?

    is it ok to make changes to Dolwin's source and email it to the authors?
  2. Evil Cyborg


    I have been using eMule for a while now, and have been wondering, How exactly does the credit system work? and How much uploaded data is enough to give you great speeds?
  3. Evil Cyborg

    npc's to be playable

    I have recently been playing Legacy of Goku 2, and was wondering if it would be possible to replace the original characters with npc characters Like say, Goku into Perfect Cell or edit Goku's sprites into Gokule (Budokai 2) The new character would have the same moves as the original but I dunno...
  4. Evil Cyborg

    CXBX Update!!!!

    I decided to update the XDK and source of CXBX although since I am unable to compile it I don't know what changes it caused, hopefully someone is able to compile it and RAR it so we can download it in this thread! (By the way, XDK update date is May 17, 2005) P.S. I hope I haven't broken anything
  5. Evil Cyborg

    Compiling source...

    I was wondering how to compile a source for an emulator Could anyone tell me how to do so?
  6. Evil Cyborg game

    What do you guys think (or hope) will be the next game to go ingame? I think that Mario Sunshine will boot and probably reach the title screen and maybe an error will pop up when you "Press Start".
  7. Evil Cyborg

    i have been wondering...

    what would be the best configuration for my ATI radeon XT Platinum Edition?
  8. Evil Cyborg

    what are you working on?

    I was just wondering, what part of Dolphin have you been working on recently (or are working on)? (I mean like the core, etc.) (I hope I'm allowed to ask this question)
  9. Evil Cyborg

    Answers to all of your questions about Dolphin here!!!

    Use the SEARCH button to find all of your answers and if it is not found, then you may ask your question as long as it has not been answered already!! :P Maybe you'll want to sticky this? :bouncy: :bouncy:
  10. Evil Cyborg

    I have a question about Luigi's Mansion?

    I have a question about Luigi's Mansion I know Luigi's Mansion only boots in interpreter, But why doesn't it boot in DynaRec? Are there any reasons or ideas why? ( By the way, I have already searched the forums about this)
  11. Evil Cyborg

    has anyone heard this song?

    does anyone know the name of this song and the artist it sounds incomplete but I still like it and its name is definitely not correct
  12. Evil Cyborg

    ingame sprite editing

    i have the NeoPop emulator and the snk vs. capcom game and i was wondering how to edit the ingame sprites and play as the new sprite, i don't want to change anything but the appearance ingame ,i don't need to add moves or anything like that, i just want to change the appearance of the sprites to...
  13. Evil Cyborg

    been a while

    hmm its been a while, whats the status of the beta? still being worked on? Since I know its against the rules, i won't ask for a release date :P I just would like to know the progress thats been made so far in the beta thats all :whistling
  14. Evil Cyborg

    hey team..

    Hey Dolphin Team! I'm just wondering how you guys are doing, (don't listen to the people that say 'Don't sleep fIres,finish it now' and stuff like that) Hope you guys are doing well! Keep up the great work guys!!
  15. Evil Cyborg

    Anyone's best guess

    I as anyone else look forward to Dolphin's next release but I thought I'd start this thread to ask everyone their opinion as to what game (that previously didn't work before) will boot or become playable somewhat I think Mario Sunshine will become a little more playable, thats my opinion...
  16. Evil Cyborg

    Greeting Everyone!

    hello everyone! I am glad to see that Dolphin is progressing ever so nicely. The new screenshots for Dolphin 1.03 look great!!! It looks promising for the future of GameCube emulation. I have read the rules and understand them. although i am still a newbie to this forum I will try my best to...