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  1. gforce75

    StarCraft 3?

    Is it true star craft 3 is coming out. I saw a screen shot from romnation, but I have to wait to see it and believe it. I typed it in google and couldn't find much about it. Have you guys heard anything? :ph34r:
  2. gforce75

    Whose Ur Fav Old School Char?

    Out of all the games you played for 2003 and below, whose your favorite old school character? I would say mine has to be Sabin from FF6 because he would just always ramble on with brute force, but liked him at the time because he provided powerful moves in the beginning of the game.
  3. gforce75

    What Ever Happend 2 the Team?

    I've done some research and I wondered what happened to the UltraHLE2064 team. I read some stuff on wiki and several other sites and it appears they just ghosted from the www one day.