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    Dolphin Linux build testing and evaluation for packaging

    Hello there, I've been hanging around here on and off for a while, I'm sure people know me. Well, since Dolphin is now much nicer with Linux, I've decided to start trying to get the Linux build working again, and I have finally got it working although there are issues. I am a packager, I...
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    Mupen64Plus: unacceptable sound and speed issues

    Hi, I've just finished upgrading this thing, and I SHOULD be able to turn all the settings up on Mupen64Plus and have no speed issues at all. But I have all the settings turned down, and I'm having speed issues in all my games and the sound is always crackly, and the video can't keep up with...
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    Problem with the new Dolphin and a question

    Hi, It's been a while. =P Anyways, I was playing Dolphin and I thought I'd check if a new version had come. What a surprise I'd got! Anyways, I installed the lastest SVN build of Dolphin and tried to run it, but every time I try to run it, almost immediately comes up with the Windows...
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    1964 + Paper Mario + Save states for just one thing than saving normally = boom

    1964 + Paper Mario + Save states for just one thing than saving normally = boom Yeah, it crashes when I try to save normally. It's getting really annoying, I don't know how to fix it.
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    What's your most Prized posession???

    Mine is :borg: My PC!
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    SSBM - Another one. Sorry :(

    Listen I got SSBM working properly. But they're only one thing that bugs me. In adventure mode, I keep crashing in the middle of Fighting the Giant Kirby. Does anyone have enquiries about this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    The Bug-free new Windows Really good edition! Go there and experience the best windows yet :P
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    Graphics Card Christmas Present

    I have FINALLY grown out of my GeForce 4 MX 440. Here is my new Graphics card: GPU: Legend™ GeForce 6200 256MB/DDR2 AGP8X. This thing was fucking expensive, but it's worth it. Finally the games run fast, and pretty! :) And I also have Shader Model 3.0 in my hands! XD Merry Christmas! GCFreak
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    Just a question :)

    Will Dolphin's Next release take advantage of Shader Model 3.0? Because it can dramatically improve graphics, and maybe even speed a little bit :). Thanks in advance.
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    OMFG! I hear Music!

    I was playing SSBM, Event Match #17 and i lost, i paused and pressed Z to retry and then, it happened. The Music was playing for longer then 3 seconds and it was lasting. It lasted through the whole Event match. The Beautiful theme of Captian Falcon. I have made a discovery. Here's evidence...
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    I can beat Classic First level

    I can beat Classic First level - Unfortunately Can't show.. This morning, I was trying SSBM on Dolphin with my upgraded PC, and I was shocked to find out that I can beat the first level of Classic without crashing with Mario. So here's the problem. I wanted to upload a couple of pics of my...
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    OC'd My duron

    Since I'm about to upgrade, I just wanna stretch the life out of my Duron now. I overclocked to 880MHz and will maybe go higher and see what happens. Looks good so far, It can boot into windows. Running iTunes and Firefox and it stays at 40*C Thanks to the new cooler I installed. :P I will try...
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    I made the most random thing! :D.

    Server2003 Visual Style. Name: Server2003 Version: 0.1 Compatability: Windows Server 2003 (Recommended), Windows XP, Windows 2000, (Start Menu Problems in Windows 98 and Windows ME, still compatable though) It's called Server2003. It's a skin that looks like the default XP skin but I just...
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    Windows Server 2003

    I'm dual-booting Windows Server 2003 to see the advantages of it over Windows XP SP2 on my server PC. One con: No Network drivers damnit! The OS doesn't have any drivers for my network card. Can someone find drivers for Server 2003? My Network card is a Linksys LNE100TX Fast ethernet adapter...
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    Random Freezes - really annoying!

    My Computer started freezing randomly at spontaneous times today. I can't find the problem. I tried updating my forceware, Installing the Detonator drivers, Even reinstalling windows, and nothing worked. Please help, I am losing alot of important work over this and I just am in a twist right...
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    Import states from PJ 1.5?

    Can any1 tell me how to import save states from PJ64 v1.5 to v1.6? thx....
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    Ground Textures in SSBM

    in SSBM, i can go ingame (i have for ages), but i've been wondering, on my fx 5600 (256mb ddr) the ground textures wont work on pixel 2.0 and 1.4, on 1.1 it fixes it but goes slowwwww, and on no pixel, hardly any color at all & fixes it... whats wrong?
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    AMD Sempron + SSE2?

    Hi, it said on emuforums that Sempron supports SSE2, Is that true?
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    i cant get ssbm to work on dolwin 0.10. Help plz. thx in advance
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    My New PC Specs

    Im upgrading my pc and making a new one out of it: My old pc specs: AMD Duron 840Mhz Geforce 4 MX 440 64MB vRam ( C-Media Onboard Sound 512MB DDR333 PC2100 WinXP sp2 5GB + 40GB HD's iWill KA266 1.3 DDR AGP4X New (CPU UNKNOWN) (Aiming for a Sempron 1800+ or highet) Geforce 4 MX 440...