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  1. Steveman610

    Is This Real?

    I was just searching around eBay and found this: its says its a Ps2 Thats unrealeased in US. Its looks sweet :D Why does it have a Hard Drive? Some super memory card or something?
  2. Steveman610

    GC, Ps2, Or Xbox

    What do you think will be emulated at full speed first? IMHO, i think that GC emulation will be emulated at full speed first. From the new screens of Dolphin, it hits 27 FPS. Ps2 has like just hit about 1-18 FPS. As for Xbox, it hasnt run any commercial games yet (has it?). Please post your...
  3. Steveman610

    New FX5200!

    :D Just got a new computer :D And it has an FX5200 (Geforce 128mb) and I was wonderin' what plugins work best with it. On my old computer i have an aTi Radeon 7200 and it worked best (and fastest) with Jabo's plugins. Can anyone recommend good plugins for the FX5200 and maybe a good plugin...
  4. Steveman610

    IMHO, AFAIK, IIRC... What the?

    I've been reading these forums for a long time but i still dont know what those abbreviations are! IMHO? is that "I Am Hungry-O" or something? AFAIK? "Atomic farts also inspire killling?" IIRC? Iggy Iggy ratchacha ca!? Plz tell me what these mean and any other abbreaviations that i might not...
  5. Steveman610

    gln64 wont remember settings

    I searched everywhere for a solution to this, but i coudnt find one. Its when i open the plugin settings for gln64 0.4.1 and put in my settings. I put em in but when i start my game, it reset the settings. then i have to change them while the game is running. Is there anyway i can make it so...
  6. Steveman610

    Mario Tennis menu Problems

    Hi I'm new here and Im having problems with mario tennis. Its the menu. When I start up Mario Tennis it works fine until the menu comes up. It shows for a second then dissapears. All menus are like this. When i go to the character select screen, it only shows the character im selecting. On the...