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    Zelda64 Actor Viewer status thread

    Started this earlier this week, getting some nice results. Know the format mostly, now just working out what vertices make up what polygons (hence why GL_Points primitives only currently shows truly legible data, and why the wireframe shots look somewhat screwed). Models are very low res, so...
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    New Dolphin Memory Card Maker

    Here's a new version of Dolphin Memory card maker (GCI>Memcard_x.raw) which should actually work. Been working on it on and off and it's much more dynamic, should work. Note that I haven't tested it as I have no GCMs/ISOs. What it does is allows you to download .GCI saves from say, gamefaqs...
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    Lumines High Scores

    EDIT - sorry, looked for the high score forum on the main page.. stupid me, it's a subforum here. Can a mod move it, please? After much procrastination and disbelief of the hype that is Lumines, I decided to get the game.. and goddamn, it's awesome and addicting. Here's my high score after...
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    Eek.. my first wreck

    .. in nearly 3 years of driving (on my own and legally, at least).. was a small one, but enough to shake me up for the night. I was trying to get over as the lane I was in was about to run out.. I thoroughly looked in my mirrors and made sure all was clear.. well, as I was getting over a white...
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    Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass

    Trailer from GDC '06.. discuss! I personally think it looks amazing, some may look at it akwardly due to the obvious heavy reliance on the touch screen. I think it's a nonissue, I just can't wait for this one. :D
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    Metroid Prime: Hunters

    Just got it.. friend code in sig. Kickass game. =] Post yours up!
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    Need some VB Help with FileGet

    How can I make my app stop reading a file (in binary mode) with FileGet at a certain offset? I need it to start at reading from 00000006 and stop at 00000063.. here's a bit my current code: FileGet(3, d, 6) <- I need this to start at 6 and end at 63 instead of going on until the EOF FilePut(1...
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    Dolphin Memcard Merger ALPHA

    A simple program I made, which takes a downloaded .gcs or .gci save file and a small generic Dolphin .raw save file (memcard_a.raw, included), merges the two at 0000BFF1, clears the .gcs or .gci file's header, and generates a .raw file (be sure to name it memcard_a.raw for slot 1 or...
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    SSF 0.07 Alpha R8 Released Shima's incredible..
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    "Small" issue..

    Been using Nemu because of its advanced memory editor.. helps alot in hacking OoT. ;) Up until recently, all's been fine. Now, when I try to open a ROM in Nemu, it loads, then everything sits there and does nothing.. I've tried what I think is everything.. :/ I've no clue what changed.. This...
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    omg gamez plz n emuz

    Har har. :P edit: this has nothing to do with dude being black, just incase someone thinks so. :p
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    Zelda Minish Cap for GBA and unnamed realistic Zelda for GC Looks amazing. Watch the trailer, read about minish cap for GBA. Don't know how it'll turn out Capcom developing it, but it can't be bad. Before you watch, go get some new pants just incase. ;)
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    Arcade scores not submitting

    I beat DK64's curveball score and i4get's penguin bashing score, but it doesn't submit the score! I played a bunch of games and scored good on all of them, but I don't have ANY statistics? :(
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    Swindled a K-Mart Employee

    I was at K-mart earlier since I had gotten some Valentine's money to blow, and I saw a HUGE pile of the latest Zelda promotional disc (OoT, MM, Zelda 1, Zelda 2, 20 Min. Wind Waker Kiosk, Zelda Retrospective, WW video), so I asked the clerk how much could I buy one for. She said that since it...
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    Rice Daedalus wierdness

    Hmm.. wtf happened to jabu jabu? :P Anyone else have any similar probs with rice's daedalus? Specs are in sig. :ph34r:
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    Zelda OoT MAster Quest Spinning N..

    Not removed.. just.. well, hidden. Turn on wireframe and start the game. The N will show for a split second. Took me about 20 tries to get this screenshot. :P
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    Things a bit slow for my config..

    PJ64 seems to be running excetionally slow on my PC (specs below).. I don't know why. It ran fine on my p3 coppermine 1GHz with 128mb ram.. it runs at full speed, but I'm not getting half as much idle time as I should.. sometimes audio crackles aswell, just out of no where (Jabo's D3D6 1.5...
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    Intel 810 Chipset

    I'm about to build a secondary PC that's faster than my current secondary (K6-2 550). I've got an I810 board, a geforce4 MX 420 PCI video card, 20GB HDD, 320mb ram, but a 466mhz celeron PII. So, what's the absolute fastest celeron PIII (or vanilla PIII) an i810 will support? I can't seem to find...
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    Why I've been gone.

    I have been with the Department of juvenile justice for 45 days due to a stupid ass argument with my mom and have not seen a PC since March 25, 2003. I was to be released from the DJJ may 7, 2003 but for some reason child protection services thinks I'm being neglected so they took me to Palmetto...
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    Nick_Kidid posts some crap.

    "XBOX Emulator Posted by emu_kidid @ GMT 5:57 | UIN: | Message Boards Cxbx-0.5.2-xbox-emu-pc was released to me yesterday from my source, Download it here , since its a half finished version.. the full will be released in April by the author :). What it does exactly is that it gets the .xbe...