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    Wii virtual console i got some wii virtual arcade games..but a huge problem The files are .wad???? and obviously Dolphin cant open those files(i guess) You people can tell me a way to open these files or.... Hey..I just reported something-Dolphin wii virtual console So you can start to think about it....
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    A new Problem by M-theM

    I had tried Animal crossing on dolphin final 1.03.2(??) The game works....And i mean.....VERY SLOW... So i thought it would have worked on My smart 256 R But It shows the Nintendo Logo...And the speed is not perfect and the screen is blankly black.... Then i tried with R750... Just like in my...
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    The new dolphin has SSBM music...NO VIDEO?????

    Ok i start my beloved SSBM in dolphin 609... HAAAAAAAAAAA IHEAR MUSIC!!!!! AAAA~!!! but..... BLACK... i cant see a thing...... ok...solve this
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    Open Gl plugin..AND MORE

    Hi i'm new(but not in dolphin stuff and rules,just new here). So i might not be so stupid or what...But i have been using dolphin for 3 yrs or so, seeing all the updates and stuff SSBM's problems keep getting fixed and i just love the game now...... Dolphin rulz. But i used the Direct x...