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    Mupen64 with re-recording

    I was wondering if you guys have noticed this. The author has done a fantastic job, I watched a Super Mario 64 speedrun on it with no problems. :)
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    Outdated Release in Files Version 2.70 of RomCenter has been available for a while.
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    New Palette for NES Emulators

    New Palette for NES Emulators - "Reality" AspiringSquire at the ZSNES board recently released a new palette for NES emulators. See this thread for details. It's based on an older palette by BMF. This palette may very well be the most accurate one available. Give it a try! :)...
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    Forums for N64 GPU plugins.

    What if forums were made that were dedicated to the N64 GPU plugins that are actively and publicly worked on? RiceVideo and Direct64 could have sub-forums in the Plugins forum. This might keep things more organized, rather than having threads created in forums that are supposed to be for the...
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    Suggestion for the "Suggestions?" forum

    Rename it to "Forum", or something similar; that way, server changes, forum questions etc. can be posted here as well, instead of in "Talk of the Town."
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    ZSNES 1.40 is out!!!

    Yep, after two-and-a-half years, it's official. ZSNES, the best SNES emulator known to mankind, has been updated. There have been tons of updates since the last version. Grab it at What a great Xmas present :D Also, be sure to check the readme--I myself contributed quite a bit to...
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    ZSNES 1.40 Release Candidate 1 released

    It's an exciting time for SNES emulation. :) After over 2 years, the long wait for ZSNES 1.40 is nearly over! If you're using ZSNES 1.36, I highly recommend that you try this out. S-DD1 decompression is a major new feature; that means that you can play Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Star Ocean...
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    Bug Report - Incredible Crash Dummies

    Looks like there's a minor bug in this game--the text/dialogue at a certain screen doesn't show. Here's a screenshot, and a savestate saved right before the bug. I've also posted an FCE Ultra screenshot and an FCE Ultra savestate to verify. :)
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    GoodGUI 0.9 (Cowering Good Tool Frontend)

    This frontend for Cowering's Good tools was recently updated to 0.9. If you have MS Framework 1.1 or higher, I highly recommend using this utility instead of GoodWindows. :)
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    SNSS format

    Well Jabo, I've thought of something that might be interesting. :) There's a standardized savestate format at that is designed to be used by several NES emulators. Unfortunately, it seems that it has been neglected lately, although the new NES emulator "80five" supports...
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    Glide64 0.7 SP6

    Amazing. I took a look at the Glide64 page and SP6 is released! Here's what's new: * Fixed depth problem in Wipeout 64. * Fixed crash in Space Station Silicon Valley intro. The homepage is
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    Freaky Restroom

    Here are pictures of a restroom that has a one way glass. The first pic is from the inside of the restroom, and the second is from the outside. Could you use it? Weird, huh? ;)
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    Beginning Programming

    Sorry if this is a little vague, but I'm curious what would be your advice to a complete beginner at programming (like what language to use, what programs to make etc.)? At a glance programming looks a bit intimidating but hopefully that goes away. :blush: Thanks for any reply. :)
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    The New James Bond 007 Actor

    The successor of Pierce Brosnan. Check it out:
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    Need help putting Firefox promotional buttons in sig

    Well, as the title says, I can't get the Firefox promotional buttons to show up in my sig; I think the HTML code provided there is faulty (unfortunately I'm not fluent in HTML). It would be nice also if I could get the image to show at the right of my specs, not below it. If anyone could help...
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    For any Star Wars fans.

    The official title of Episode III has been announced! Check it out at :)
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    Spiderman GFX bug

    Just tried out "Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six (U)" on 0.5.3 and the graphics are, well, out of place. :P I even tried the Extend Vertical Blank by one scanline but that didn't fix it. Here's some screenshots, one of the bug in Jnes and the other of how it's supposed to look in Nestopia:
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    Startropics for NES

    Has anyone played "Startropics (U)" for the NES on an emulator? With every emulator I've tried special items do not appear in the inventory, making it impossible to progress through the game. I first discovered this problem in this thread, but nothing helps. If anyone has any ideas or has played...
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    Please Help ASAP! Adware Problem!

    Okay, I stumbled upon some Trojan, but luckily my up-to-date McAfee detected it and deleted it. 2 adware programs were found, and I deleted them. However, my IE home page always stays set on some damn ad page, I can't change it! I really need help fixing this problem. What sucks is I just...
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    Dark Emutalk

    I've noticed that green text (such as moderators names) is a little hard to read. Also, when writing a post, everything is still light, like in the screenshot attached. I think it'd be cool if Dark Emutalk looked more like IMHO. I wonder if it'd be difficult to update Dark Emutalk...