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    Dragon Ball Z games

    Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury is a pretty good game. I have it, I played about halfway through, and bam, my GBA SP breaks. Damn dog knocks it out of my hands and it breaks in half on the hardwood floors. Anyway, I can't get past the very beginning of this game on VBAlink 1.80, because it gives me...
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    I can't get the GBC version of Crystalis working properly. I get past the first dungeon and it begins to glitch up and eventually I get an error message and it closes out. Is there any emulator that runs it properly?
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    Your favorite PS1 game?

    Mine, currently, is Alundra. Good storyline and gameplay, and graphics that aged better than most PS1 3D has, since good 2D seems to age better than the polygonal mess most PS1 games were. But alas, I go off topic. The only real problem with Alundra was a weird musical score. In my opinion, at...
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    Switching discs?

    Trying to play games I've ripped to ISO myself, so it's not pirated or anything, I'd just rather not use the actual discs because they make my disc drive sound funny. Anyway, when I pick the "Switch Disc" option in 1.70, nothing happens once I select another ISO. In particular, I'd like to play...
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    Having some trouble.

    Yet another trouble post, I apologize in advance. Anyway, no matter how I configure Demul, I always get the same message when I choose to Run DC. It says "Unable To Load". The game I'm trying to run is Marvel vs. Capcom 2, if that says anything, and I'm running Windows 7 32 bit, if that makes...