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    Hkems/Play PS2 USB on Vista 64

    Anyone had any success getting this to run on Vista64. The manufacturers refuse to support it, and have only released 32bit (Beta) drivers. The annoying thing is, Vista detects the adaptor as a HID game device, and also apparently using a usbtester recognises the PS2 buttons etc... Trouble...
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    Recommend me a PS2 RPG

    Thinking about getting a PS2 RPG game, at the moment I have: Final Fantasy XII, Breath Of Fire 5, and Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 The things I am looking for most are a fun game with plenty of longevity and some fun side tasks - the more the better (optional boss fights, collecting tasks etc)...
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    Graphics card advice needed

    The fan on this old Radeon 8500 128mb I've been using has finally become useless, 3 of the clips that hold the fan onto the heatsink have broken off completely. I don't really want to risk using it (the screws still hold the fan on - but if or when it comes lose, it will probably damage the...
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    How much do Adaptoids sell for?!

    Just spotted this one on Ebay which has 3 bids on it, current bid is a whopping $142.... Do they really go for this price still? I'm broke so if I can get anywhere close to that for one of mine, I'd be chuffed :D
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    Fixing broken mouse wheel

    Just wondering if anyone has ever had a broken mouse wheel and been able to fix it by taking the mouse apart? The thing stopped working last night (still turns, still acts as a 3rd mouse button when pressed - 0 mouse wheel response though), verified it isn't driver related by booting a Linux...
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    Glide64 0.8 'Wonder' released

    Just spotted over at: That the new version of Glide64 has been released. The archive also seems to contain the updated wrapper too. Full release notes + change log
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    Robert MacNichol (a threat to sue

    Robert MacNichol hereby certified by me to be one of the worlds biggest Internet Douchebags has decided that because printed his name on their website, he is going to sue (it won't happen, he's obviously full of shit). Now get this, the name in question is a character in the...
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    Latest Chanka news (as and when we get it)

    The latest news we know about Chankast is what Garrofi posted in this> thread We do not know anything else on the status of the emulator, and if/when it will be released. Please keep everything about wanting Chankast news in this...
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    Wow this place is quiet :P

    Can't believe I even remembered the password to this forum, lol
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    PC Action magazine: Emulation edition

    Caught site of this in the local Import magazines shop in Sweden: I flicked through it, and went to the N64 section... what a joke to be honest. The emulators tested were: PJ64 1.5 Got high marks and praise 1964 Was called fiddly and a...
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    Direct64 - now works with Radeon8500 class cards

    Direct64 the excellent plugin developed by Orkin now works on all Radeon cards from the 8500 class and above (9000/9100 etc). The fix: Install the Catalyst Doom3 Hotfix drivers available from Get the plugin from here: Or pick...
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    Disabling 'Found new hardware' in XP

    Can't remember how to solve this one, being on a Swedish install of XP makes me a tad less inclined to randomly click options which I sometimes don't know what they 100% do :) Trying to stop XP from automatically trying to install drivers for me on startup - this often bugs the shit out of me...
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    Fix for D3D6/7 'failed to initialize plugin'

    For all those given this error (on 32bit colour) with the latest Radeon* drivers, then the following should be a solution: 1) Right click desktop and go to properties 2) Go to the last tab on the right (advanced I think) 3) Click properties 4) Go to 3D tab, and ensure D3D is selected 5) Go...
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    PS2/PC USB Convertor help needed

    I picked up one of these from the shops yesterday: Initially it seemed to work fine, the drivers installed properly, the pad was recognised and all buttons and rumble features worked. I then proceeded to play some emulated...
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    BSplayer help needed

    I downloaded BSplayer yesterday, and am very impressed with it. So much so that I want to get rid of Realplayer/DivX player etc However the sticking point is try as much as I can I can't get it to play Realmedia files! Things I've done so far trying to get it to work: Installed...
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    Rices Deadalus 5.2.0 UNOFFICIAL release

    Rices Deadalus 5.2.0 UNOFFICIAL release download here Rice has kindly consented for me to release an earlier beta version of his plugin, which should hopefully be better for most Radeon users. This is mainly a Radeon release, whilst it will work fine with other cards, the latter versions are...
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    Kirby64 (U) CP1 Unusables issue

    With the release version of 1964, when Kirby is hit the animation for Kirby will stick, and the controls will become severly limited (no jumping for example). This is solved with turning CP1 Unusables off in the .ini
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    Problem with the GUI/.ini after crash

    Last night after a couple of crashes using Rices plugin - I found that my .ini had been corrupted, with a lot of roms being set to failsafe values. Replacing the .ini fixes the problem.
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    Wierd Mario Tennis problem

    Whilst using the latest plugin in OpenGL mode... this is the title screen (and bear in mind this is the U rom). Going to assume this is a similar issue to the name input screen on one of the Zeldas?
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    Rices Daedalus 5.20 (231203 edition) lockup

    I have tried this plugin out with a couple of games and haven't had too much luck with any of them (framebuffer wise). However apart from that they seem to work fine. The major problem is I have had 2 total system locking crashes whilst using (and only whilst using) this revision of the...