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    First DS game dump?

    Don't have the ROM, so don't ask me for it. All I heard was this info. This seems to be confirmed, so hopefully we'll have something to test NDS emulation on, as soon as emulators start being developed. Good or bad news? I think it's both. Good news for emulation, bad news for Nintendo.
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    A great day for the world of medicine and HIV. What do you guys think about this. I think it's absolutely amazing what we're accomplishing now.
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    WarDevil (T3h sweetness *gaw*)

    These ARE NOT PRE-RENDERED OR CG. THEY ARE INGAME ON THE XBOX 2. (on their site, they say that they are taken directly from the level, ala ingame.) These are made with an alpha version of the hardware supposively, just like the Elder Scrolls IV shots were on an Xbox 2. But, this game looks VERY...
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    Nintendo DS: Release Date, Price, Box Art.

    Well, I'm not sure how many handheld fans there are here, but I thought I would update you guy's with the latest news. Coming out in USA before Japan eh? Me likey :P Definately gonna get me one of these for X-Mas, after X-Mas, or my B-Day. Only 2 more months before it's release ^_^ And, here...
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    Need some help finding a good mobo/cpu deal

    Well, I am going to buy a new CPU sometime soon hopefully. And, well, I was thinkin a mobo/cpu combo would be the best. I'm hoping to get something with an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ or higher. I do need to find some really good deals though.. The Athlon would be a Barton or T-Bred core with the 0.13...
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    HL2 for pre-load on steam.

    Just shows that they are getting ready to release the game ;) I'm gonna get the files as soon as the server isn't as busy. Basically, downloads the necessary files to play the game like models and maps, but the files needed to exec the game aren't included (at least I've heard so) Can't wait to...
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    Gta San Sandreas Trailer

    Gta San Andreas Trailer GO TO WWW.GTAGAMING.COM OR WWW.PLANETGTA.COM AND GRAB IT NOW! EDIT: Crap, I spelt the title wrong :P
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    DirectX 9.0c and a "WTF" problem

    The picture says it all. Any idea why the hell this is happenin?
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    Redesigned Nintendo DS

    I must say, it looks sleeker than it did :D The new DS:
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    The Comment Thread

    I saw that there have been threads popping up here and there with praise to chanka, just to die out after 0-4 posts. So, I though, why not create a topic where everyone can say what they think of chanka. Anyways, I'll start out first. ------------- Well team, all I have to say is great work. I...
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    MTA:VC For Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    I have no clue if this has been posted before, if it has, I'm sorry :) Now to get on to the point. Have you ever wanted to run around Vice City on the PC with some friends and kill each other? Well, now you can with MultiTheftAuto Vice City. It is a multiplayer mod for GTA:VC. I play it all...
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    Overclocking my CPU.

    Okay, now, i know this may sound like a totally n00bish question to alot of you, but I wanted to know this. Is it possible to oc my AMD Athlon XP 1800+, and how would i do that. Also, are there any precautions i need to take? Or anything i need to buy in order to make the oc work correctly...
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    Nintendo E3

    You know what, i thought id give ya'll this "tiny" site :) All the nintendo e3 stuff u'll need to drool over Username: golin Password: harris Have fun ya'll. Nintendo will be the leader once again ;)
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    Support for .CGC?

    Now, I'm not bugging the emu authors about this to add it, but it would be a nice feature. For those that don't know, a .CGC is a Compressed Gamecube image. Instead of wiping garbage bytes from the .gcm, you can convert it to this, keeping all the data, but making it the shrunk size. Now this...
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    Just wondering....

    I know there is a tool to open gamecube .gcm and .iso files to verify them. I was wondering, where is that tool again? (a link to the site)
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    Ripping sprites from ROMs

    Ok, I need to know this (well not need but want to know). How the heck do you rip sprites from SNES or NES ROMs. And also, what's a good app to make animated gifs?