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    Can you help me to make a Cheat Code for OOT?

    Hi I want to make a Cheat so the game stays on this low and close camera angle that appears on some places like ganon castle and on that tunnels rescuing gorons on fire temple. I think it looks more impressive.
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    Can someone upload the original oot textures png?

    I want to process a custom config for them but i couldn't do it myself. Help?
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    Original OOT textures artwork remaster?

    Hi, I was wondering why no one has done a texture pack for OOT featuring the original textures artwork just on higher resolution. I think the original artwork properly "decompressed" would make OOT emulate a 128 bits game even better that it actually does, or intended to. I mean the wind waker...
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    I want to make a hi-res sky box for Majoras Mask.

    Hello, im getting into retexture little by little quite some time ago and i enjoyed a couple of this proyects. Now i think its time to get back a hand for this enjoyment. And well, i realize that there arent a really good Skybox for Majoras Mask, like the oot one, and i think its a good task for...