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    It's been a long time...

    so can somebody give me an update? I remember the last time I was here, people were discussing possibilities for changing musics/sounds in ROMS, and that the idea of changing the models was ridiculous? Has any progress been made towards either of those goals?
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    GC Music Files?

    What type of file does the Gamecube use for audio (music)? Is it general, or does it change by game? Also, is it heavily embedded in the disc or can you get it out with the szstools? Are there any programs for exporting or playing it? Any help is appreciated!
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    Save States?

    I am currently trying to use my saves from PJ64 1.6 on the latest version of 1964. I'm assuming these mean actual save states and not native saves. However, my saves don't show up in the open window (even though some of them are .pj) and if I try to open them I get a "Failed in creation of Play...
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    Convert PJ 64 Saves to Nemu?

    What methods are there for taking a save from PJ 64 and using it in Nemu?
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    Frustration with Nemu and Geometry Extractor

    I've been having a lot of trouble with using Nemu to extract geometry. First of all, Nemu freezes very easily on me; if I minimize it, or try to open some of the menus. Also, it appears it only loads Nemu save states, so I have to start over from the beginning. When I finally do get the...
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    Why no zelda editor?

    While watching the newest video on Super Mario 64 Level Editor, I started to wonder why there wasn't an Ocarina of Time editor. I researched on google and found three sites, one of which was a copy of the other, and two of which linked to a third. That third site (Model Viewer appears to only be...
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    On Roms... (NOT a request!!!!)

    I'm confused. I'm trying to get Zelda: Wind Waker on my computer so I can take screen shots, make videos, and extract models. I own the game. From what I've read elsewhere, I've discerned that I can't just burn the disc onto my computer and make an .iso, and that it must be decrypted. Is that...
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    Update, please?

    I've been gone from these boards for a couple of months now, and am wishing to have an update on certain things I was following before I left. What progress, if any, has been made in extracting/replacing music for ROMs. Is it still impossible? What about geometry? What methods are there for...
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    Zelda OoT Hacking; is it possible?

    I had an idea for a hack of Zelda OoT, where monsters would have speed increases, they would deal more damage, and (if possible, though I doubt it either possible or within ease of doing) have more monsters in certain places. I've looked at some ROM hacking websites but from what I can find...
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    Won't run?

    I downloaded Nemu because I wanted to extract some geometry, but I can't get it to run my rom. Whenever I open OoT, it simply closes. I have used the rom for a long time on pj64, so I don't think its the Rom thats the problem. I have re-installed it once, and my computer specs are in my sig. Any...
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    TSZ Xbox 360 Controller + PC = :(

    I bought a TSZ (Pelican) 360 controller today to play games on my computer, but I don't seem to be able to get it to work. I got the software from, but whenever I try to use it anywhere, whether it be PJ64, the calibration or test page in control panel, or even a downloaded program...
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    Is it possible/does it exist?

    An audio plugin that dumps the sounds files to a folder and/or has support for new sounds? I know this kind of thing would probably spawn a bunch of horrible versions of Zelda with emo music, but I had a great idea for re-doing the music (not in any specific style, just with more intricacy and...
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    Zelda Control Configuration Help

    I've been wanting to play through some of the zelda games again recently, and after a ghastly experience involving a total lack of anti-aliasing and RAM on my N64, compounded by limited access to a TV, I decided to use ROMS to play it on my computer. Anyways, I got NRAGE v2.00 so I can use my...