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    VGA box

    question on VGA non compatible games (i assume those stuck at 50 hz), is there a way i can play them on my monitor? (soul calibur), it works on chakast but not on a real dreamcast (through the VGA box) :/ can a utopia boot disk fix this problem? or is it not fixable.
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    Direct 64 v0.5 ALPHA problem

    i was happily using this graphics plugin to emulate Majora's mask on 1964, it worked perfectly but today i loaded it up, and no games will run. as far as i know i have made no changes to the graphic's drivers etc, i tried some more plugin's and they seem to work (but not perfectly). does...
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    simple networking?

    its just not working for me...two computers with windows XP, (i think they have network cards, how do i check?) 1 crossover cable, linked them up, got usb broadband going into one. it wont the 'limited of no connectivity' error. any suggestions?
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    routing bittorrent through firewall?

    i heard it can be done but dont know how, also i'm not on a normal router but a uni network :(. quite simply its not connected to many users and the light remains yellow instead of green. very slow downloads.
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    shuttle, tv card

    trying to achieve: want to play gamecube/consoles using a monitor (dont have tv in my room...) i have recently acquired a tv card, its not in use at the moment, and i thought i could give it a go installing it into my seems to be a hardware card with some ariel plugin at the back...
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    java programming

    i'm learning basic java on my course and it requires a lot of extra reading (to help with understanding it). anyone who knows java give me some tips/ links to good tutorials? any background research would help a load. thanks
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    firewall and network help

    i'll try and keep this in simple bullet points to help me and anyone who can help. - at Uni now, using a free modem connection in my room - will soon be paying for an upgrade for broadband on the Uni's network/bandwidth. - heard that they use loads of firewalls and stuff to stop people...
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    SATA hard disk error

    im in trouble here, after getting a new comp i have somehow messed things up, in order i: - tried to overclock a little and computer wouldnt boot (couldnt even get to bios) - took apart the comp and reset bios. it then at least loaded. - gets error 'DISK BOOT FAILURE - INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND...
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    windows help!

    having huge problems with my 'windows explorer', it keeps crashing as soon as i enter it (my documents). came up with this error - AppName: explorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106 ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer: 7.0.2600.1106 Offset: 00033283 :S - i cant even check my docs anymore... EDIT: sorted...
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    help with XP (confusing)

    right, every time i try to turn off the computer, or log off (not the user, but the whole thing) or restart - the computer freezes/crashes. usually only takes a min, but i tried waiting and the mouse cursor freezes too (waited half an hour). now i'm not complaining for a random crash - they...
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    help with speed!

    sorry if this has been posted before, but while using project 64 my speed is stuck at a constant 70 frps, and it glitches up the music. i want to lower it to 60 like it was before but i dont know how. i know with 1964 you can use + and - to modify the speed but it wont with with p64 - help i had...
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    help me with my coursework

    could you guys help me with my media coursework, i need some people to fill in a questionnaire! the main theme is of crime and the media, particularly gangsters so i though why not add in some stuff about games - vice city seemed a good option. so its basically about linking crime to the video...
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    make games selfboot without burning?

    i posted this topic a minute ago but it didnt seem to be sent, so apologies if it turns up somewhere else. Q: is it possible to make dreamcast roms selfbootable without burning them to cd, eg. using Alcohol or Daemon tools? Q: if so how? thankyou in advance for any suggestions. dreamer
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    help getting chankast to work please?

    okay guys, chanka won't work and i don't know why not. i think i have everything i need but whenever i try to load a game (in this case Ikaruga as it is the only game i have), it crashes. the crash is one of those "chanka has encountered a problem and must now close..' please tell mircosoft...
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    Majora's mask trick!

    i was messing about with this game and found out a pretty neat trick, the only draw back is you need to be in an area with water. it's quite a simple trick which will let you fly around like superman in a more supermanish way than the traditional moon jump/levitation technique :bounce: 1...
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    i got a serious problem, my comp has been slowing down a lot recently and stuff and i happened to see the spy hunter v 1.1.29 available download on the main page of, so i got it, so it scans my computer for parasites/spyware and finds between 50 - 75 different kinds of virus or...
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    good program for creating trance music?

    im looking for a good music editing/creating prog, my dads got cakewalk and i might copy that onto my comp but i dont think it has the sound fx i need as i want to make trance music? can anyone recommend a program, i tried dance ejay ages ago and that was great for about an hour. then i got...
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    constantly disconnecting? msn

    my computer will constantly disconnect and reconnect (happens about every minute) :cry: i just found out it seems to be msn 6.1 that makes it disconnect, does anyone have an idea why? nope, it wasnt msn 6.1, my computer is constantly disconnecting anyway, even more reason for me to ned help :huh:
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    DirectX 9.0 and emulation?

    just a brief question, firstly i apologise if this topic has been mentioned before; i seem to have aquired DirectX 9.0 with my new graphics card NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X, now assuming DirectX 9.0 is compatible with that card, what differences in emulation (mostly n64 or better) are...
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    DVD-R help needed

    i will get right to the point here and keep it simple: i got a dvd re-writer (PIONEER) i use Xcopy Express program which claims to copy dvd's and compress them to fit on one 4.5 gb dvd-r in a simple two step procedure whenever i try and copy onto a dvd-r it takes 15 mins to burn, it should...