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    Gliden64 problem save

    But instead of C should be the name of the game!
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    Gliden64 problem save

    Save setting for C ?
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    Street Fighter Zero 3 upper and 6 buttons

    Hi! How can I use 6 buttons joypad with Makaron?
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    How compile Pcsx-r?

    I download this: How can I compile? Can I use Intel compiler for more speed with cpu Intel?
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    Demul is very slow

    Is it not possible to improve it? :down:
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    Problem with Windows 98 and Glide64

    Hi! I use Win98 SE with KernelEX... I would like to use Super Mario 64, but the emulator give error with Glide64 (I use a Voodoo 3 with last beta driver official). Does not recognize the plugin, along with many others (plugin controllers Nrage, not the last version). I do not know what to do ...