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    Low level Nintendo 64 emulation?

    Is anyone working on this? It would be a lot slower than current high level emulators, but without all of the imperfections that are so hard to totally eliminate when using HLE.
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    A-SATURN Generation 3

    AZUCO World ver5.0 I decided to post this because no one else seems to be noticing it. You may remember A-SATURN was around back in 2000. After the short-lived 'A-SATURN2' project died in 2001, AZUCO came back in 2002 with 'A-SATURN Generation 3' (A-SATURN G3). Progress is slow, but some...
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    SSF problems

    Whenever I start SSF, I get a pretty unrecognizable error message. By finding its entry in the Japanese error message file and finding the corresponding English error, I found that SSF is saying that a file is missing. Does anyone have any idea what it could be missing? It didn't come with a...
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    Saturnin update

    Saturnin has had a WIP update. One animated GIF of the clock and language being set, plus a message. "Expect the first version very soon."
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    More Satourne news

    I put this through Babelfish as there was no English version available, but I think it did a better job than usual on this. I also acted as a script editor for this news post and made some major changes (but kept the overall meaning).
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    GoodN64 v0.999.9 out!

    Cowering recently released version 0.999.8 and then, shortly after, version 0.999.9 of GoodN64. Does this mean new INIs for various N64 emulators will be seen soon?
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    Super Scope 6 high scores

    I've just been playing Super Scope 6 on ZSNES and got 1093100 on Lazerblazer Intercept starting on level 1 and ending on level 17. What about you? Any scores accepted, from Lazerblazer or Blastris. Give me some targets! :)
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    New forum?

    First post! Who made this forum anyway?
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    Banjo-Kazooie problems...

    I wasn't sure where to put this but since it involves Jabo's D3D plugins, I guess this is the best place. My problem is that several effects that should be mostly transparent (trail behing the 'thing' that flies around while the Nintendo and Rare logos appear, sparkles around the Rare logo...