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    question on C

    Need help with C++(in this case it is Visual, but for this question I think it doesn't really matter): Suppose we have a structure called A. Consider it's element type uint32 called B. What does this line mean: (A.B >> 21)& 0x1f What does operator >> do in this case? & I would use for a...
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    Guess what

    That's me again :drool: Well I was ready to completely delete Dolphin cause I thought it doesn't work for me. By pure accident I was able to launch robotech battlecry D. v.1.02 by keep pressing different buttons. I was so surprised that I tried to run D. v.1.03 and v.1.03.2 and found out that...
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    what's up?

    Hello. I see here only one thread about Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen. Archived pages in Google search shows that there were a lot more threads here but may be they were all deleted. Is this thread and everything it is about dead?
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    Graphics problem

    First of all Computer specs: CPU parameters listed in the picture. Graphics card: NVidia Geforce 6600 Gt. Now about the problem. I tried to run Robotech: battlecry. I can hear only sound but get no graphics, the screen remains black. After the intro ends there is no sound and nothing...