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  1. Tagrineth

    Hay guise

    Who's still around? This place still active at all? :flowers:
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    Great joke
  3. Tagrineth

    Majora's Mask: Unemulated Screen Shrinkage

    I've been meaning to do this for some time, finally got around to it the other day. Just feel that it's a nifty enough effect that people who only emulate should see it somehow or another. Edit: I just noticed that by PURE COINCIDENCE the selection dots are in the same (or extremely close to...
  4. Tagrineth

    Super Mario Bros.: The Fall of Luigi

    Super Mario Bros. part 1: The Fall of Luigi The most impressive Flash animation you'll ever see. link credit to CpUMasteR via IRC.
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    Gonna be gone for two weeks!

    I'm going on a vacation with the family to Alaska. I'll have VERY sporadic net access for the next two weeks... but it's gonna be awesome :flowers: Anyway, bye all! :)
  6. Tagrineth

    GoodN64 is being really weird

    I just got a Super Smash Bros. ROM from someone... but it was named oddly, so I wanted to GoodN64 it. Now... Project64 and 1964 both recognise it just fine, whatever it's called. But even if I deliberately name it Super Smash Bros. (U) [!].v64, GoodN64 simply won't detect it at all. (note...
  7. Tagrineth

    Hmm... net connection...

    Testing... 1... 2... testing... Yay, posted from an AOL connection because my Cable died. Hmm... any suggestions? My Cable modem seems to be connected as normal, and the Task Manager seems to report some network activity, but nothing can connect to anything. I've restarted the comp twice and...
  8. Tagrineth

    My beautiful Radeon: 6x AA/16x AF

    Some samples I took earlier. Note that I used PJ64 1.5 beta, and the default video plugin without any serious tweaking, so the graphics overall aren't too great... lots of bugs. But anyway... here. First, StarFox 64... note that I'm about to get a medal ^_^ And this is my first time playing...
  9. Tagrineth

    Guys, I think someone reset your clock.

    The time is registering wrongly, and all the new posts are appearing behind older ones. Our Server Sez: FIX ME DAMN YOU! :saint: edit: It's 15:14 according to my PC's clock. The forum's clock says 9:20. Even the 5 hour difference between EST and GMT can't account for that :)
  10. Tagrineth

    Getting a Saturn soon...

    It's a little OT, but... I was originally going to get a PS2, but then I reconsidered my options and decided I'd get more fun out of buying a used Saturn (something I've wanted for some time) and getting some old, great games - and just waiting for PS2's price to go down another chunk or two...
  11. Tagrineth

    Frame Buffer reads/writes...

    I was playing some PSX games earlier in ePSXe and remembered that they have 'swirl' effects (done using FB modification). The last time I'd tried enabling FB read/modify in the PS graphics plugin I use was on my Kyro II, and needless to say the performance was really really bad. But I was...
  12. Tagrineth

    3dfx 4 Life cuh

  13. Tagrineth

    Hell is very cold indeed.

    Hell is very cold indeed; yes. it's me. ... it's old, and I've grown since then, but you get the idea.
  14. Tagrineth

    Curious about texturing feature...

    In some ePSXe graphics plugins there's a texture enhancement feature which scales the textures up using a 2x2 2xSaI filter before uploading... and in-game it looks absolutely fantastic. How feasible would such a pre-filter be for an N64 graphics plugin? I know that N64 has a limited texture...
  15. Tagrineth

    Curious about video feature use

    Just a quick question... about video. If I have a Kyro II and a Voodoo2 SLI, both of which lack hardware TCL... And I buy, say, a Radeon 9500 Pro, which HAS hardware TCL... Will any of the video plugins use it? That'd probably free up my CPU to do more emulatin' huh? Poor old 800MHz...
  16. Tagrineth

    Problem opening PJ64 :(

    With the latest PJ64 v. 1.5 (final), after "installing" it I get an error message stating 'Failed to Allocate Memory'. The dialogue box appears twice in a row, then the application quits (I can, however, select a language - I leave it on the default 'English'). System specs: 800MHz P3 Cu...