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  1. Mayco

    VisualBoyAdvance 1.7 beta 3 available

    Beta 3 for version 1.7 is now available --> HERE <--. This fixes several of the problems reported with beta 2 and some new function. Forgotten link:
  2. Mayco

    visual boy advance Version 1.7 beta 2 available

    Beta 2 for version 1.7 is now available here. This includes a few fixes and total migration of the GUI to MFC in order to simplify future development. Please report problems with the GUI in a very descriptive way. I will post the complete news once version 1.7 is finally released. In the mean...
  3. Mayco

    N64 Rom Catalog

    Hello, I created N64 Rom Catalog, it is a program that adds your roms in a list (like UltraHLE does), and when you double click on it, it asks you what emulator to use. You can also generate a HTML-file with the names and other information of the roms you have. I like it (also because I made...
  4. Mayco

    command line options

    is it possible to include command line options in the next release of ultrahle 2064? that would be great! greetz mayco
  5. Mayco

    rss feed

    Does the site has a rss feed so I can view the newstitles in trillian? It would be really nice if it's supported. edit: it should be a /backend.php file, but it the emu64 one contains php errors.
  6. Mayco

    n64 compiler

    does a n64 compiler excist? so you don't have to write a n64 rom in assembler, but in c?
  7. Mayco

    Open or Closed

    OK, i have a little question, cuz i have read so many things about SupraHLE. Some people said it's closed and some other people said it's still alive. Now, can i hear it from somebody who knows what he is talking about? Other than that, i would like to say -if the project is still open- good luck!
  8. Mayco

    a bad good rom???

    Is it possible that you have a bad rom, but that GoodN64 says that it is good [!] ? I had that problem with Donkey Kong 64, goodn64 gave it a [!], but the game crashed everytime, now, i have downloaded the rom agian and now it works. (goodn64 gives it also a [!])
  9. Mayco

    TNT card problem

    I have a TNT card, but the only drivers i can use are the 23.11 drivers, any newer won't give me acceleration :crazy: , is that normal? Is here sombody that also have a TNT and does have acceleration with the newest drivers? thanks Mayco
  10. Mayco

    best emu for zelda mm?

    wich emu + settings do you suggest to play Zelda MM with? Specs are below. I love that game, but i hate the cracking and slow gameplay in pj64 (20fps).
  11. Mayco

    clickable online/offline image

    it would be cool to open the send message window when you click on the online/offline image
  12. Mayco

    the readfile function in delphi?

    I have a problem: when I use the readfile api function in delphi it returns everything what i need except the first byte (when the file begins with "123..." it just returns "23..."). This is the piece of code I use: procedure openfile(); var dwread:LongWord; hFile: THandle; data...
  13. Mayco

    command line options?

    does 1964 have that option to open roms directly by dragging the rom to 1964's icon? ( i mean command line options )
  14. Mayco

    Casemodded pc's

    i was surfing the net in i found some cool pics about casemodded pc's: And, yes!! THIS IS A DAMN FRICKING PC...
  15. Mayco

    demo roms?

    Ok, i DON'T need to know where to get commercial roms, i just want to try some N64 demo's out. Does anybody knows a good site with a lot of N64 demo's? Thanx.
  16. Mayco

    Rom structure

    Does anybody knows where to find a website or a document about the Nintendo64 Roms. I mean @ wich byte the Countrycode stands etc.
  17. Mayco

    does nemu 0.8 still needs such a high system as 0.7?

    just wondering if nemu 0.8 doesn't need such a high system as nemu 0.7...
  18. Mayco

    wich 3d card

    wich 3d card is needed for fake64? cuz i have some probs with my Nvidia Riva TNT in linux.
  19. Mayco

    Language files?

    Will it be usefull to send the new language files for pj64? btw, thanks for pj64 1.4!!!
  20. Mayco

    moderated by jabo

    Why isn't this forum also moderated by Lac?