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    game music help needed

    does anyone know of a program to extract a rom into miniusf format or know of a program to change miniusf to mp3 or wave? the music i mean or better yet can som1 do it for me cause i am i big noob and am haveing too much trouble with this i need all the music from the GAME AIDYN CHRONICLES...
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    nemu64 rice video problem

    i play aidyn chronicles the first mage and i tryed nemu64 and used these plugins glide64 v0.7 ME SP6 <glide64.dll> and i also tryed Nemu64 Graphics (combine debug) <LemD8.dll> and both of those have problems like the charcters will be missing mouths or the floor will be all yellow. but i dlled...
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    how do i get a music file from a rom

    i got permission to get 10 seconds of a song from a rom but i dont know how 2 get it is thier a program for this??? or is it possible?
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    wat emulators would be best sugested for aidyn chronicles the first mage

    ok i aim not the most experienced pearson so i need a little help. my problem is i would like to play aidyn chronicles the first mage and have it look really cool i have project64 and nemu 64 and need to know if there is a better emulater or a good patch for this. and possibly where i can find...