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  1. icepir8

    Tr64ogl 9.5 2016-02-13 plugin released!

    Hi All. I am back! I have just released another TR64ogl plugin. You can download it from here The biggest improvement is I have the CamSpy and Night Vision Goggles working in Perfect Dark...
  2. icepir8

    TR64ogl plugin released

    Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>I have realeased the lastest TR64ogl plugin. Gent has posted a video of 1080 using the new release. See the video and download it here.
  3. icepir8

    TR64_ogl plugin

    Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>TR64_ogl pluggin is back from the abyss! Emulation64 is hosting a new dev site for it. Thanks to Gent! Web page is Forum is I have already posted the latest build of the plugin. I hope to...
  4. icepir8

    TR64_ogl ver 0.9.2

    Anyone who wants to beta test my latest plugin, PM me.
  5. icepir8

    New TR64_ogl & CBFD

    Hi all, TR64_ogl is not dead after all. Still a lot of things I need to fix. But hey here is a few screen shots. Well I may release it soon just to keep things alive. Cheers, Icepir8
  6. icepir8

    Need TR64ogl source.

    :blush: Hi all, Well I had a hard drive crash and lost my source files for TR64ogl. And my backups are corupt. So I anyone has the source after version 7.8 please contact me. Cheers Icepir8
  7. icepir8

    64bit Port of TR64

    Hi all, I am wondering if there is any intrest in me porting TR64 to run as a 64bit application? I ask this because I have upgraded my computer to an AMD64 cpu and have WinXP-64bit. Cheers! Icepir8 :pirate: :tr64:
  8. icepir8

    Real Life

    Hi everyone. Thought I'd let you all know Where I've been. Jail over a weekend for contempt of Family Court. (Mommies court) Evicted from my house. IRS tax levi against my pay (left me with only 300 USD per month for 3 months) My mother died on 9/11/2006. (I will miss her alot) Work has a...
  9. icepir8

    Problems with ConsoleSource

    I placed an order with The ConsoleSource for a mod a chip for the Game Cube on Dec 7th 2005. I have never recieved a responce any messages I have sent them. Here is a link to the open help desk ticket that they are ignoring...
  10. icepir8

    Super Glue and Exes don't mix.

    Check this out. :cry: this is real!
  11. icepir8

    Microsoft info

    What goes on at Microsoft
  12. icepir8

    Very Interesting!

    INTERESTING OBSERVATIONS ON AMERICAN LIFE WITH AN AMAZING CONCLUSION 1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL. 2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING 3. The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL. 4. The...
  13. icepir8

    Revenge of the sith leaked!

    Check this out. :P I new this had to happen.
  14. icepir8

    Hey Guys! I'm BACK!!

    Hi All! I'm back in action again. And I see I have a lot of catching up to do. :) Here is a screen shot of the fix I have made in TR64_Ogl. I finaly found the bug in Perfect Dark's uCode that was messing up the colors. It was so stupid of a mistake that it took being away from it for me to see...
  15. icepir8

    Michael Jackson again ROFLMAO
  16. icepir8

    About Bilbo

    I was rereading the "Lord of the Rings" again and was woundering is Bilbo gay? In 111 years the only people he has around are Gandalf, Frodo, some dwarves and elfs. Any thoughts on this?
  17. icepir8

    Get yopur Pimp handle today!

    Get your Pimp Handle here! :afro:
  18. icepir8

    GCM tools

    I am currently working on a few things for Dolphin/GameCube. Here is a dump of the Ubilogo.tpl file from Bast a Move 3000. As you can see I stil have a few bugs to work out. :P
  19. icepir8

    TR Ogl version 0.8.8 released.

    I have released version 0.8.8 of TR Ogl graphics plugin. I fixed a few some things and Few texture load problems with this release. Also, it less everyone know that TR Ogl and TR64 are not dead. :) Go here to get download->
  20. icepir8

    TR Ogl ver 0.8.8 graphics plugin release

    Well, uhh, lets see. Here it is. This version fixes a few texture problems. (I hope) Also, it is to show that TR Ogl is not dead. :D Cheers!! :pirate: