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  1. ScottJC

    vBulletin Upgraded to v4

    Category: <b>General</b><br><br>I'm stealing Martins thunder here and posting the news, if you haven't noticed already that event we raised money for has finally come to fruition. Rejoice people! The time has come! time to overthrow Martin... wait no, not yet, thats for another day. And now...
  2. ScottJC

    I'm getting tired of the spam

    Every day I come here I see more spam, and it sometimes takes days to get deleted. The site was recently reinstalled, I saw the Apache page the other day so perhaps something can be done about this now. Someone had access to make the changes I am about to suggest so its time to dig up this...
  3. ScottJC

    Reviving my old N64 collection

    Lately i've felt nostalgic, Just wanted to revive my old consoles. plus the upside of the games working perfectly appeals to me... nothing compares to putting the physical cart into the console. I have a decent sized n64 collection, I will show off! (I bet some of you have a bigger set than me)...
  4. ScottJC

    New Banjo-Kazooie game at last!

    Along with others check it out here . Needless to say i'm over the moon, theres even a trailer for it as well :D - Its about damn time we got Banjo-Threeie like Rare promised us crazy Banjo-Kazooie fans at the end of Banjo-Tooie. edit: Just looking at that trailer tells me Rare has got its...
  5. ScottJC

    A Feature to help with Large Sigs

    More and more people seem to be using large sigs to express themselves and for one i'm getting sick of it. I'm sick of repeating myself so I posted this thread. Here's why: 1. I do not give a crap if you're a fan of this that or the other and to use a massive pic to show off how big a fan you...
  6. ScottJC

    The Windows Vista Pre-RC1 (and above) thread

    The Windows Vista RC1 (and above) thread I've noticed i've posted a lot about Vista pre-rc1 in threads that have nothing to do with vista (i.e. is my computer comprimised thread). Rather than continue that trend i've decided to start a thread dedicated just to Vista and our experiences of Vista...
  7. ScottJC

    Editing Mario64's text

    There's a new tool out (well dunno if its new or not to be honest) but its a lot of fun and it lets you edit text of the mario 64 rom: find info about it here: I've been editing text, i've edited quite a bit of dialog - trying to make it funnier heh...
  8. ScottJC

    A tribute to my late mother

    Before you read this, keep in mind this is a very DEEPLY personal thread, if you don't like sappy - don't read any further; I just got back from my mothers funeral, that was the most horrific experience I have ever endured - afterwords in the pub we were all there (family and such) and I swear...
  9. ScottJC


    I rarely start threads and for good reason - they are usually terrible, however I'm going to be brave tonight and post a couple comics I drew for your opinions, good or bad. Either way I'm posting them :) I started this a couple of weeks ago, they started bad but they are getting slightly...
  10. ScottJC

    Bunny Suicides

    I found this on a link, it's called Bunny Suicides and it's pretty damn funny so I thought i'd share it with my fellow emutalkers. Click Here and have a good laugh.
  11. ScottJC

    Banjo-Tooie stability discussion

    Hmm, Banjo-tooie still crashed in-game, however I turned advanced block linking off, how annoying.
  12. ScottJC

    Text color prob in profile [Dark Theme]

    This problem has been around for a long time, using the Dark Emutalk theme, in the profile some of the text is the same color as its background, so you end up with this... [Attached screenie] Please fix it :P I know this isn't a firefox problem because I've used IE before and never saw the...
  13. ScottJC

    Firefox 1.0 RC1 Official Released

    Get it here: and yes it IS official, its on mozilla's ftp and everything :P
  14. ScottJC

    Get your name on a firefox ad...

    Hey, check this out Firefox is getting an ad of their own in the New York Times when 1.0 is released, you can get your name in that ad (but you have to donate)... not a problem I like firefox so much I done it even though I don't live in America. (I must be in a...
  15. ScottJC

    ZSNES (19th of october) WIP OUT! lots of neat changes.
  16. ScottJC

    Eh... This isn't right is it?

    I just found out about this emulator named MorphGear, now if you look at the Features page, this emulator is nothing but a bunch of other peoples work, yet the author of this so called "Emulator" seems to charge money for it? (he does give...
  17. ScottJC

    A badly done comic...

    Bah, see what happens when you leave me alone in a room for too long, I do something like this! :P
  18. ScottJC

    Spacestation Silicon Valley (U) [!] needs expansion pak

    Emu version: 0.9.9 released version Rom: Spacestation Silicon Valley (U) [!] Without the Expansion Pak this rom crashes at the DMA logo, which is odd because this game does not need the expansion pak to run, its not Expansion pak enhanced at all. (I own the cart and i know it isn't) thought...
  19. ScottJC

    Bust-A-Move '99 (U) [!] Core errors

    Emu version: 0.9.9 release version plugins: Jabos 1.4/1.5/1.5.1 Schibos audio 1.2/jabos direct sound rsp on or off nrages input problem: This is a very weird issue, the video randomly decides not to turn itself on, i've seen it in one instance starting up the game and theres video, and another...
  20. ScottJC

    Top Gear Rally (U) [!] Core bugs

    Emu version: 0.9.9 (The released version) Video: Jabos Direct3d 1.5 Sound: Schibos Audio 1.2 Input: N-Rages Directinput 1.82a Problem: The video flickers, 3d objects in the menu (most noticeable) are fine one minute and not the next. This has to be a core issue because in PJ64 1.5 Final with...