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  1. crhylove

    VisualBoy Advance 1.2

    no workie for me.... the sourceforge version (sdl).... required dll libmmd.dll is missing.... i found it at: and now the file just closes automatically after opening.... ??? so i went and d/l'ed the REGULAR windows version from ...
  2. crhylove


    i've been getting ALOT of this all morning: Warning: Too many connections in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/ on line 38 There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser. An E-Mail...
  3. crhylove

    seriously disturbing halloweenish news:

    This is the most heinous news story i've ever read. In fact this would have done about 5000 times more effect to most students i know than the current anti-drug programs currently offered in school.... :devil:
  4. crhylove

    Azimer's audio plugin.

    I was just wondering what Schibo is planning to do with the code azimer dumped on em for the unfinished/unreleased .5 plugin. is it going to be part of the next 1964 release, kinda like the new daedelus plug rice worked on was part of the last one? just curious what your thougts/plans were. rhy
  5. crhylove

    To all corporate fanboys:

    Here is yet ANOTHER valid reason for ethical piracy, and/or not buying consoles and console games, but instead investing in the computer industry. (in relation to "god, not this question, AGAIN" posts),,t269-s2124541,00.html oh, but it's sooooo hard to make...
  6. crhylove

    Need for Speed 6: Hot Pursuit 2

    Ok, i'm going 2 do a little mini review... i can get more detailed later if you want, including screen shots... (there's LOTS of eye candy in this game!), but i'm not sure (yet) how to take them... :) That being said, drumroll please: Need for Speed 3 was my favorite racer of all time. In...
  7. crhylove

    the definitive list(s).

    since both pj and 19 (64's) are reaching near 99% compats, i want to put together a definitive list of A) unemulated roms, and B) unplayable roms. submit a rom here that is not listed and has never been playable, and or emulated! The Unemulated: NFL Quarterback Club 98 Michael Owens WLS 2000...
  8. crhylove

    South Park Rally (U) !

    hey, this game very nearly works in jabo 1.5, but the background occludes the bulk of the foreground (z buffer issue?). But the game looks like it might be a very cool/fun mario kart/ diddy kong racing/snowboard kids type game. anyway, i'd like to play it! anyone got it to work? duncan, want...
  9. crhylove

    Best of Open Source on /.

    Aren't most of the big emu's open source? i didn't see a single vote on /. all of you get over there. and while you're at it, post this for me, will ya? /. is locking up on me :( then i can't post a reply to the open source best of for windows topic. and i have some very important...
  10. crhylove

    Calling Dom:

    I've been doing ALOT of reading in here, and no posting (the ultrahle area). There are several reasons for this, foremost being that I'm not some leet coder, and that i wasn't even in the scene during the entire ultrahle reign. However, in the present chaos that is the uhle scene, I DEFINITELY...
  11. crhylove


    Does anybody know if 1964 will work under wine or winex? Rice/Schibo, if you end up getting an auxilliary box for win98 testing/editing purposes, would you consider trying to get it to run well under wine too? rhy
  12. crhylove

    the state of emulation, and questions.

    Just wanted to throw out that after some extensive hacking (not actual code hacking, just reg editing and file doctoring) i've gotten .8.3 to work fine on my win 98 se machine. i did alot of tweaking, honestly there'd be know way to accurately duplicate my work, or even guess how i did it. nor...
  13. crhylove

    daedelus plugin

    since rice has been a-hacking the open source daedelus plugin, i've got some ?'s.... will the next daedelus plugin be the "official" 1964 plugin? (i.e. released with latest 1964, etc.) are there any games that jabo runs better than the daedelus plugin atm, to your knowledge? since rice is...
  14. crhylove

    emulators for consoles

    i was wondering if anyone could help me put together a disk for running NES roms on playstation, i've heard of a couple, but i can't find any links anywhere now. thnx in advance! rhy
  15. crhylove

    .3 feedback

    well, since your latest gfx plugin is the most promising one i've seen, (imho, go geforce baby!) i'm going to do some unelected beta testing... here's the results so far: (this is from my rom directory of non jabo working roms (or poor jabo performers) i'm using 1964 .7.3 azimer .30 no options...
  16. crhylove

    california speed

    i've been playing alot of california speed lately, and i have 2 say, it is great fun in 1964. there are a few wierd glitches though, such as the tires/bottom of the car suddenly popping up very large in the middle of the screen, towards the top. this is ineffectual though for overall gameplay...
  17. crhylove

    Rumble Pack Emulation.

    I have a real n64 controller and rumble pack, but honestly, the logitech wingman is better/has better rumble. is there a way i can make it rumble with any of the current input plugins? is this in dev somewhere? thanks in advance! rhy
  18. crhylove

    rumblepad baby.

    here's a question. i have an adaptoid and rumble pack, and it worx great, but honestly, my wingman rumblepad usb controller is better than the original n64 controller, and the rumble it has is vastly superior. also, there is a wireless version that RULES, so i may want to upgrade to that one...
  19. crhylove

    prerelease 2 feedback

    beetle adventure racing locks up the whole computer necessitates a hard boot. auto lambo crashes and closes 1964 cruisn' world seems 2 work flawlessly RR64 still crashes on impact. :) the beetle problem is pretty radical, was wondering if anyone had this same thing, or if i'm compiling it...
  20. crhylove

    two monitors...

    hey schibo, rice... i posted awhile back about this.... but i've had some new thoughts, though not much clearer or brighter. i can't get my dual monitor setup to run 1964 on the voodoo 3. it always just starts on my primary adapter which is a built in travesty (4mb agp something horrible for...