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  1. weinerschnitzel

    Mupen64Plus-RSP-HLE v2.5 Zilmar Spec

    Hi! So I made a thing recently. I took BSmiles awesome work on mupen64plus-rsp-hle, forked it, then added a bunch of code from Hacktarux's old version from Mupen64 0.5.1 and made it work with Zilmar Spec N64 Emulators. I could use some feedback. Some useful bits to know: I removed...
  2. weinerschnitzel

    1964 1.1 with ROM Paging

    What is this? This is a version of the 1964 1.1 codebase with experimental code for paging ROM data from the hard drive. The codebase builds the original 1964 1.1 Win32 release, as well as the xbox port for Surreal64. What can you do to help? Currently, there is a known regression where...
  3. weinerschnitzel

    Surreal64CE - Nintendo64 Emulation on Xbox1

    Surreal64 is a Nintendo64 emulator for Xbox1 ported by oDD and Lantus. It has been picked up by a few hands over the years, and the project I dabble with is Surreal64CE. (CE = Community Edition) Source code: svn:// In a nutshell, Surreal64 is an emulator...
  4. weinerschnitzel

    Surreal64 CE B5.5 Released

    Hey everyone! Today Ez0n3, freakdave and I have released a new build for Surreal64, the port of three excellent Nintendo64 emulators for XBOX. NONE of this would be possible if it weren't for the genius and collaboration that developers share here. For that we give a big thank you to any and...
  5. weinerschnitzel

    Surreal 64 CE - Development continues!

    Hey guys, with all of the PM's asking about various projects, I think its necessary we properly introduce ourselves. :) The Xbox lamers have not given up with n64 emulation on the Xbox! Surreal 64 has been a landmark emulator (set of 3 actually) that has undergone many changes and has been in...