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  1. Alchemist

    Star Wars- Like "Hologram" a Reality? This looks friggin' amazing. I can't wait to play the Wii on that. video here.
  2. Alchemist

    Vector Linux

    I was surfing aruond and found this distro. VectorLinux SOHO 5.1.1 Deluxe Anyone heard of / used it?
  3. Alchemist

    Vista + DX10

    I read an article on Gamespot that gave me renewed hopes in Vista. Like everyone else, I had worried that Vista was going to be nothing more than a graphical update of Windows XP, but since the introduction of 3d desktop features, windows has had to rethink their graphics driver in order to...
  4. Alchemist

    Tossing in the bandana...

    After much mental contortion, my morals beat out my desire for free stuff; I'm turning clean. 1)deleted all my piracy 2)tracked down everyone I gave piracy and had them dispose of it It feels a lot better to be playing games I actually own.
  5. Alchemist

    "Operation Screw This"... The Onion never ceases to amaze me.
  6. Alchemist


    I just finished Prince of Perisa: Sands of Time; it was amazing, but too short. Does anyone know if Warrior Within is worth getting?
  7. Alchemist

    This twelve year-old needs a medal.

    I love this kid
  8. Alchemist


    I'm looking into getting this: because I play alot of UT2K4 and BF1942. Worth it? or no.
  9. Alchemist


    I cannot wait for this movie. V for Vendetta
  10. Alchemist

    Glue + Butt = News

    Man glued to toilet seat Apparently the most efficient way to get yourself into the news this year is to have some private place glued. Also, stress = diabetes.
  11. Alchemist

    Best new toy of the year?

    what do y'all think is the best new technology for the year? My money is on AMD's dual-core processing. but that's just me.
  12. Alchemist


    After a long internal debate, I made the obvious switch from Windows to Linux. SUSE, that is. I love how custimizable KDE is. BUT I have a few questions (maybe someone can help). How does Wine work? and to what extent can I run windows programs with it? Thanks.:linux:
  13. Alchemist

    Dane Cook.

    After the unfortunate loss of Mitch L. Hedberg I've been looking for someone to replace him in my heart. I belive I've found him.
  14. Alchemist

    Malfunctioning USB Disk

    A while back I purchased a 256 MB Lexar "secure" Jumpdrive. It wa great for a while, but about a week ago, I accidentally left it in my Windows 98 piece of junk while restarting. After the restart it wouldn't recognize the the disk and classified it as an "Unknown USB Device". Since then I've...
  15. Alchemist


    I'm probably showing my true n00b colors right now, but I can't get Glide64 (any of the versions) to show up in the change plugin pull-down menu. I made sure it's in my plugin directory, I run the little evoodoo wrapper program and it still isn't there. It's making me really angry, because I...
  16. Alchemist

    Chrono Cross disk 3?

    Someone told me Chrono Cross has a rare disk 3. I naturally did not believe him. Could someone please validate this?
  17. Alchemist

    Online Gaming Question

    My friend and I are at each other's throats about the pronounciation of a word that origonated on online gaming. Is the word "PWN" pronounced OWN or POWN? I maintain that it's pronounced OWN, but he thinks it's not "grammatically correct".
  18. Alchemist

    burned psx cd's

    Do burned playstation games usually run on epsxe? Because my friend wants Chrono Cross back and I'm not finished!
  19. Alchemist

    Transparency effects

    In every game I play, any effect that is supposed to be transparent turns into just a white box. Such as, clouds of dust, the light coming out of chests. There are a few exceptions (Navi, a few others) but on the whole it's annoying. I use Jabo's Daedilus 5.2.0 (or whichever one came standard...