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  1. -Shadow-

    New trailer of the new Zelda on NGC has been released!

    I dunno if this has been posted here before, but here you go :P Here's the new Trailer:[GU] Here are the new pictures of it: That game looks freakin' awesome! I will definately...
  2. -Shadow-

    Advertising between 1st and 2nd post

    There's an advertisement between the 1st and 2nd post, is this supposed to be there due the server change? It's a little bit annoying IMO :plain: I attached a screenshot of it.
  3. -Shadow-

    Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories

    I recently got this beatiful game, it looks like it's driving the GBA to it's limits ! It got a few real FMV sequences with a decent resolution, great detailled sprites with soft animations, and a soundtrack + Sound FX that are surpassing every of my expectations of the GBA ! The battle system...
  4. -Shadow-

    Zelda - the Minish Cap ( Japanese! )

    Zelda - the Minish Cap - Discussion Thread Does anyone already have Zelda the Minish cap ? It's a great game with elements of all previous zeldas, and it makes fun to play it, but... Im stuck past the first Dungeon already ! MasterPHW got stuck at that place, too ! After beating the first...
  5. -Shadow-

    Halloween !

    Today's Halloween ( and my B-day , too ) , will you celebrate it in any way ? If yes , how do you ? My B-Day is on halloween , so i celebrate anyways on this day :D But i'm not directly celebrating Halloween . It has become fashion to celebrate Halloween in Germany , but I don't really like it .
  6. -Shadow-

    Weird problem with Windows Media

    Whenever i want to play any game which uses windows media ( Sonic Adventure DX , Restricted Area ) or when i want to watch a Windows media Video on IE, Mozilla or Opera the Game or browser just crashes to desktop , as soon as the WinMedia Element has to be played . I already tried reinstalling...
  7. -Shadow-

    Windows XP SP2 Ordered 150 Times :D

    Haha , that's just uber-funny :D Read and lol ;) Here's the complete link to the story :
  8. -Shadow-

    Tetris Advance (J) Bug

    Tetris advance hangs when i lose a game ( it's quite unlikely to "win" tetris so i think it's a very critical bug ! ) The bug occurs on every GBA emu i've tried . I'm a big tetris fan , so every help would be greatly apreciated ! I've pushed the rom to goodGBA , but the rom seems to be good (...
  9. -Shadow-

    GBA Videos ?!

    I recently found a GBA Video , it's called Sonic X episode 1 . Ok. the rom works , but only the Menus are working , not the video output ! Any suggestions how to get the Video output to work on an emu ? ( Sound works , though . ) /edit : There is also a "not working with GBA-Player screen"...
  10. -Shadow-

    Bug found in Space Station Silicon Valley [E]

    I found a bug in the European version of Space Station Silicon Valley ( it was present on my real n64 version , too ) The souvenir of one of the first levels is untouchable ! Does anyone have this bug , too ? Is there any workaround for this bug (like a cheat , which gives you this specific...
  11. -Shadow-

    N64 Games - Kiosk versions ?! WTF ?

    I've recently got a so called "kiosk" version of Donkey Kong 64 . And I find it very odd , i see only a Intro ans the spinning rare logo , there seems to be no crash or something O.o Does anybody know what these versions are about ? I mean , a 24MB rom , just an Intro ? I mean , are there any...
  12. -Shadow-

    Diddy Kong racing - Strange game internal error !

    Hmmm... I've got something really strange in the normal versions (not the cracked one ) of diddy kong racing , it happens very rarely and only at the start . I've heard something about Banjo-Tooie that the data is encrypted at the start of the game , and 1964 emulates the key to decrypt it ...
  13. -Shadow-

    CS makes Aggressive !

    Here are two Links , the first one leads to a file named angrypopei.wav , on this one , a german gamer is Jerking Off because of CS :happy: If you don't understand the file , you can try the second link where a flash programmer made a "how to flame in german" off this file . :happy: :happy...
  14. -Shadow-

    Displaced Objects in Banjo-Tooie

    The Controller Plugs at the n64 in the Banjo-Tooie start menu are a Little bit Displaced , i've seen this with every Graphics Plugin , with and without RSP , and with both versions of the rom (E + US)! With TR64 , its even worse (i couldn't take any screens of this , sry) , the Jinjos are...
  15. -Shadow-

    Rice's + OpenGL

    When I use the integrated OpenGL Support of Rice's Plug-in , the screen freezes after half a minute and 3 seconds later i hear a "beep" from the Mainboard Speaker , then the Monitor shuts off . It seems that the Graphics Adapter crashed ,. and even VPU-Recover (feauture of my radeon) could not...
  16. -Shadow-

    Banjo-Tooie ->still<- crashes

    Banjo Tooie still crashes with 1964 v0.9.9 on my machine , can someone post his (!workin! plugin/emu) settings for this game , please ? /edit : I've searched the Forum from top to bottom , and tried the settings that were posted there , nothing worked....
  17. -Shadow-

    Zelda Majora's Mask Lens of truth

    Ive got a problem with the Lens-of-truth effect in outdoor areas , just look at the screens , ive tried it with other plugins than that 4 , but it didn't work.... Any Idea whats the reason for this ? (it appears in outdoor areas only)