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  1. 2fast4u

    A take on gender equality

    long time no post and all that, i did however feel spontaneously motivated to post a piece of "serious joke"-ish entertainment. :D and off i go again :ph34r:
  2. 2fast4u

    RPG recommendations?

    well, since i havent really played any games for quite a while (the last one i beat was paper mario 2 on the cube, which as you all know has been out for just a little while ;)) and currently im just going through zelda links awakening on vba again but beyond that im currently in need of a new...
  3. 2fast4u

    Clean out your fucking desk, Bob. You don't work here anymore.

    well my time as an office slave is finally over (3 years gone by). i cleaned out my desk, logged off and left...onto the highway. audience boos, no applause, eggs, tomatoes, sometimes a melon. next up is school in roughly two months and for some reason i can hardly wait being a lazy ass student...
  4. 2fast4u

    GC: Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door

    Hey gang, it’s time for yet another a long and possibly cynical ramble about one more game that yours truly would like to bring to your attention. Truth to be told this one isn’t exactly new to us and I’ve basically been meaning to cook up this review for a good 3 months, however my finals and...
  5. 2fast4u

    System Specs in Profiles displayed under Posts

    i thought that was a real nifty feature. maybe we could have it back? :happy: *pokes martin* ;)
  6. 2fast4u

    Internet radio has no future in Germany

    this is a piece of old-ish news but i still think its worth bringing to your attention. basically this means that most of the internet radio stations that now broadcast from german servers will likely die. its another step towards more commercialized radio - as if we didnt have enough of...
  7. 2fast4u

    Because I'm a nut

    well i did it ... i actually bought an xbox. :whistling combined with burnout 3 this is fucking awesome shit. just one of the bigger or smaller anouncements one tends to encouter on this board every once in a while ;)
  8. 2fast4u

    A rare geek moment: Bandwidth upgrade

    aye, its one of those moments. my bandwidth got upgraded from 768k to 1mbit free of charge which isnt exactly the worst thing in the world, no? ;) thats probably still pitiful to most of you, but hey, screw you all. :paperbag: just thought id let you guys know :)
  9. 2fast4u

    Oh that's why!

    ever wonder how the little fairies refill links energy in zelda? well, now you know... :icecream:
  10. 2fast4u

    GC: Animal Crossing

    Started: 15/10/04, 23:02 gmt+1 Finished: 16/10/04, 0:18 gmt+1 Yes kids, it's yet another infamous Emu64-Review by yours truly. Since it seemed like at some of you enjoyed my rant about F-Zero GX a couple of months back you now get what you deserve and I`m here to bring you another chunk of my...
  11. 2fast4u

    Meat is Murder

    ok, i couldnt resist. this is just too fucking hillarious... :happy:
  12. 2fast4u

    Yarrr! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day

    yarrr mateys! today be the infamous Talk Like A Pirate Day, and dont ye forget it, ya stinkin landlubber! since most of ye are likely software pirates tis should suit ye rather fine :) aye, me shall have some grog now :pirate:
  13. 2fast4u

    Freedom of Choice

    as long as we are in a campaign mood around here ... inspired by vamps thread i decided to post something different, the middle ground if you will ;) Billionaires for Bush (or Kerry)
  14. 2fast4u

    Well ... shit

    it had to happen sometime animal crossing is (finally) to be released in europe, yes you read correctly. release date for the whole pal area is set to 24/09/04 so that means ill have something to do on workday nights by then. great, just great ... this games ntsc-version stole a lot of my...
  15. 2fast4u

    The Baby is dead

    <vampireuk> actually a very scary thing happened to me yesterday <vampireuk> some strange mentally fux0red woman came up to me with some plastic baby and asked if i could help =\ <vampireuk> i told her the baby was dead and ran =| yup, vamp lives in a weird fucking place... :huh:
  16. 2fast4u

    Jesus Christ Action Figure!

    buy! it! now! the link and the finding is courtesy of vamp, i felt it needed a broader audience :happy:
  17. 2fast4u

    Paper Mario 2 Shots

    a ton of screenshots of paper mario 2 have been put up over at very impressive too, this game just made my "to-get" list in fact :) linky
  18. 2fast4u

    Windows CE Handheld

    k, ive got a little older cassiopeia handheld (black and white, serial connection) based on windows ce on which i keep all my contacts and calendar stuff. now i used to do the synchronizing with activesync and outlook but recently switched to thunderbird for obvious reasons. now my problem is i...
  19. 2fast4u

    A reminder of last night

    you know what you did last night when the following happens to you ... <[10/10]Slougi> today in school i was like wtf do i have in my pockets <[10/10]Slougi> 5 beer bottle caps
  20. 2fast4u

    Moral Dilemma

    You're in Florida ... In Miami, to be exact. There is great chaos around you, caused by a hurricane and severe floods. You are a freelance photographer and, in the midst of this great disaster, you're trying to shoot the most impressive photos possible in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...