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  1. Stalkid64

    ...And then there was that one time.

    ...When Martin was away, and the One Word Story thread happened. Ah memories.
  2. Stalkid64

    Penny-arcade v.s. Jack Thompson; Funniest feud ever?

    Yep, the battle rages on. For anyone not up to date, Jack today contacted the local police department trying to have our good friends over at PA arrested over their `campaign of harrassment`. The last few weeks around there and all over the various gaming sites have been hilariously funny but...
  3. Stalkid64

    Like quality entertainment? Go see "Serenity".

    /begin whoring film. Really. If you're even a vague fan of sci-fi-esque stuff or just want to see something highly entertaining, well acted, clever and extremely funny for a change, wander on down to your local CinemaTheatreFilmMovieComplexyPlace and go watch "Serenity". It has Characters! It...
  4. Stalkid64

    The F.E.A.R. demo...

    Has to be said; FuxX0r1ng AMAZING. Incredible graphics, wonderful animation, beautiful/stunning weapon/impact effects and water, lighting, atmosphere, excellent ragdoll action, and THE BEST A.I. EVER. Better than even FarCry. Really shows up the fact that HL-2 lacked all of the above. LOVE...
  5. Stalkid64

    Battlefield 2 Demo...

    Anyone else playing? Thoughts? Impressions..? Seems rather enjoyable so far, barring the odd idiot TK'er and some slight control menu bugs and weapons balancing issues. I'm usually taking up space on one of the EADemoUk servers with my trusty antitank weapon... see, here I go again. Can't resist...
  6. Stalkid64

    So I did it... I ordered Nintendogs.

    Yes. I'm now semi-happily awaiting delivery from the good people at lik-sang of that brand new "shout at Japanese dogs" game. Or "Nintendogs" to give it the more usual title. Anyone else have it and want to post some impressions? Next up; Electroplankton.
  7. Stalkid64


    Some fairly exciting news for old time SNES fans, I found this while hunting through "the usual places". Before anyone asks, yes I've played it. :P Attached is the talkGC .nfo file as a .doc (emutalk attach don't like .nfo) because the damn idiots text wouldn't align correctly when quoted, but...
  8. Stalkid64

    No more privacy - Yet another reason to ditch AOL/AIM

    From the good ship slashdot; "AOL has posted new terms of service for AIM, that include the right for AOL to use anything and everything you send through AIM in any way they see fit, without informing you. A sample passage: ' posting Content on an AIM Product, you grant AOL, its parent...
  9. Stalkid64

    Happy DS UK launch to all...

    Yes if you're "lucky" enough to be in the UK right now I have to say... WTF are you doing reading this when you could be out buying/playing a shiny new Nintendo DS today? :icecream: `One-Line-Puzzle` (okay I forgot what they called it over here, sue me.) and Warioware here I come. TO THE DS...
  10. Stalkid64

    Microsoft's "Parent's Guide to Leet-Speak" :ermm:
  11. Stalkid64

    Cassini-Huygens / First Titan image shown(!)

    Doesn't appear to have hit any of the news sites yet, but about 15 minutes ago NASA TV's webcast showed the first raw image of Titan taken by the Cassini-Huygens probe from around 16km, just below the cloud cover. Full of drainage channels. The probe ran for 1 and a half to 2 hours, much longer...
  12. Stalkid64

    Must... own... Mac Mini!

    Not usually one to be suckered by Apple but damn if that isn't a neat little PC. As long as I can use Garageband on one of those I'm buying.
  13. Stalkid64

    J-Pop; The tool of Evil?

    Less useless than it first appears, as I know we have a lot of Anime, Manga and general Japanese craziness fans on here... So; J-pop. Evil or not?
  14. Stalkid64

    Half-Life 2 Stutter problem exposed...(video) Someone posted the above video on the forums so that people could see just what we're talking about when we mention the stutter in HL2. I figured a few of you - either fellow patch-waiters looking for company or people who actually want to understand the issue...
  15. Stalkid64

    Has anyone imported a Nintendo DS into the UK?

    And if so... how badly did you get hit with import duty? (He asks in a state of semi-fear.;))
  16. Stalkid64

    HL-2... Install... So... Slow...

    *Yawn* nearly half an hour since finishing the main install, and it's still unlocking the files... I could be playing the damn game were it a standard installation. 1. Steam/HL-2 install - 10 minutes. 2. Steam account creation - a few more. 3. Unlocking files. 20 minutes. 4. Installing Source...
  17. Stalkid64

    Microsoft caught using pirated software(!)

    :happy: "An anonymous reader writes "German PC-Welt magazine reports that Microsoft used an illegal copy of SoundForge 4.5 (Google translation) for editing Wave files shipped with Windows Media Player. You can...
  18. Stalkid64

    Half-Life 2 retail - steam activation MANDATORY?!

    Courtesy of the magical land of slashdot; "In a recent Gamespy interview with Doug Lambardi it was revealed that the retail version of Half-Life 2 will require product activation. This isn't just restricted to multiplayer, you will have to create a Steam account and activate your retail purchase...
  19. Stalkid64

    The return of "Your Sinclair" magazine?!

    YES... It's Back... in an funky skillo sort of way. ;) Ah another relic from the good old days returns... hopefully still as irrelevant and `crap` as ever. ;) To YS! :party:
  20. Stalkid64

    Half Life 2 - NOVEMBER 16TH!

    News over at slashdot. HL2 expected on November 16th in "stores". W00t! Then again, amazon may be a little late with my copy...