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    some gln64() textures not displaying

    i realize this could be the fault of my video card. it's the radeon 7500 mobility and it has drivers version 7.67, which is rather old, but i cant upgrade them yet because im still talking to my manufacturer about releasing new drivers. if someone recognizes this as definitely being the fault...
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    dexdrives again! i know everybody wants to talk about them

    hey, look! -> :shaun: <- can i hump it? having gotten that done with, i get to my question. i see people ask about using dexdrive saves (.n64 mempak images). i see others reply to them that n-rage's plugin can handle them. and that is always the end of the discussion. but either i am...
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    the reversed stereo of the 0.5x audio plugins

    am i the only one that this bothers? well, no, i know i'm not, because i saw someone else asking about it. the plugin version 0.30 does not have the channels switched. why did that change between then and 0.5x? i love the 0.50 plugins (the 0.50 LLE and 0.55.1a HLE are both tasty), if i dont want...