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    Gameshark, AR0MAX, and Codebreaker use.

    Why is it not working with this emulator for me? Why do I have to suffer disappointment every step of the way?
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    Thanks for all the help, guys.

    Wow. So informative. Really appreciate it. Smfh. This place hasn't changed.
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    I have a PS2 Controller and a PC Plugin adaptor port for it. Please help configure.

    I feel like I'm about to break my computer and this new ****. If I can't get any help, I think I might lose my patience and break everything. It was working perfectly fine with my last controller and controller plugin adaptor port I had. I'm so stressed out. All this wasted money. And for...
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    Hello there! I'm kind of new and kind of old. Second go at this site and emulation.

    I forgot my name. But I believe some guy named Der Fuhrer absolutely hated my guts. I'm glad to see he's not around anymore. How is everyone going? I haven't done Emulator-Gaming in maybe 9 years. And I'm turning 27 on the 6th of October. I hate it. But I guess I'm better late than never.