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    World Driver Championship, Stunt Racer 64 and V-Rally

    Has anyone got these games to work? I tried rsp z64 lle but it gives only black screen and atioglxx.dll error when I close pj64. And is it possible to fix V-rally menu?
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    Mupen64Plus 2.0?

    Hey, I started using mupen64plus a bit ago, and I was wondering: When will 2.0 come out? is there a set date for this, an ETA, some kind of code freeze or development benchmark, maybe something from nostradamus? it's been like 4 months since the last release, surely its stable now. And the gui...
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    Wind Waker: camera problem

    Hey guys I have a problem with TLoZ:WW(GC) in Dolphin 4525. Everytime I press the button to do a photo in the camera view the game crashes. Exept of that the game runs really good. No other problems detected yet. Can somebdy help me please? If requested I'll post my configurations. And sorry...
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    Blank screen issue after DC bootscreen

    Hi, I have a problem with the latest demul. After the bootup screen of the console and setting the current date, the screen goes blank like in the image below and nothing happens. If i reset demul, the console boots up again and ends up with this blank screen below once again. What could be...
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    Problems with sequenced music

    So what's the deal with games using the .samp format (Pokemon Colosseum, Nintendo Puzzle Collection)? I keep having missing notes and static.
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    Is there a fast forward button or configuration?

    I know from other emulators there are fast forward buttons to speed it up. P.S. Sorry if this is supposed to be in the cheats section, but I have dial up and Windows 98 and the page didnt come up for me. :(
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    SSBM save

    Hey, I have dolphin r1590 x64. I also have the save of ssbm from the thread "save game files" or something from this forum. That is 2 mb. However, the save files (.raw) for r1590 are 16mb, and thus the save is not working. I have found someplaces that have .gci or .sav gamecube saves. I need...
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    Need help with SSBM

    OGL plugin used Graphics Card - nVidia GeForce FX 5700LE
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    Please make v1.7+ portable!

    The best emulators out there are portable. Everybody these days rather have a plug and play portable program than installing yet another registry hog program. So please don't repeat the mistake you did until v1.6 and make v1.7+ portable (or at least supply a portable version in addition to a...
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    Project64 with online mode

    Exists some version of the Project64 with online mode? I dont speaK about project64k. Thank you!
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    i cant see blight input config dialog

    hi everybody when i found that mupen64 is being actualized i run here to find it but since 1.1(i did not test 1.0) i cant open the input config dialog. and i dont understand how to config the controllers in the config file. the config screen of mupen64 0.5 works perfectly but the configuration...
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    Small Problem in Muped 0.5.1: Banjo Kazooie

    Everytime I go underwater in banjo kazooie the whole screen turns black. Help?
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    Fire emblem Promblem

    Hey, Im running Vista x64 here are my sys specs Intel core 2 extreme X9000 Nvidia Ge fore 8800mGTX 4 GB 800mhz RAM When i try to run FE on the .2 beta (DC), and the ,3 beta, it goes into the title screen, asks if i want to create a new file and then goes back to the title screen. It was...
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    Question about GBA saves

    Is there any way to extract a saved game from a GBA game without Action Replay? Mine is long dead, and I only have DUO now.
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    Help Deleting Project64k

    Whenever I try to delete some of the .dll files including kailleraclient.dll and the project64k file [that actually opens the emulator] it says error: Cannot delete kailleraclient: access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use...
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    direct3d device creation failed

    I get the message "direct3d device creation failed" when playing ssbm on any version of dolphin. Here is my system: AMD Opteron 2.8 Ghz AMD Opteron 2.8 Ghz Note: I do not have dual core, but two seperate single cores running 4gigs RAM Nvidia Quadro FX 1500 ( comparable to a 7950) This...
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    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

    This game is giving me hardcore seizure-esque strobing in the FPS levels, has anyone had this problem in this game or any like it? What i mean by strobing is the graphics flash to white
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    Mega Man 64 final boss Access Violation

    One of the final boss's attacks in MM64 causes an access violation. PJ64 v1.6 / RDB v1.6.016 Jabo's D3D8 v1.6 / Jabo's DSound v1.6 / NRage v1.83 Windows XP Professional Athlon XP 1600+ 1.58GHz / 256MB RAM NVidia GeForce FX 5200 (with latest drivers from NVidia's site) verified Mega Man 64 (U)...
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    Strange interaction between native saves.

    I've recently been playing several games at once, switching between as it strikes my fancy. Several times upon booting a game (specifically, this has happened with Mega Man 64, Jet Force Gemini, and Majora's Mask), my save file seems to have mysteriously vanished. I checked my saves folder...
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    Start Menu Problems, every ROM

    Whatever button I assign to the start button, I can't access the start menu. I first noticed this in pokemon diamond when I wanted to save it but couldn't because the start menu wasn't working. Then in FFIII but luckily it has a menu button on the touchscreen. Is this a bug? I saw someone...