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  1. Imgema

    f zero x + Expansion kit - Fraudio's Texture Pack

    There is no "NUD-EFZE-JPN_XPE_2" or "NUD-EFZE-JPN" anywhere in that site. There are other codes (like NUD-EFZJ-JPN) but not this one. Anyway, i patched the translated rom and the texture mod only works partially. Some textures load, some don't. I tried RetroArch, PJ64 and Rosalies Mupen64, the...
  2. Imgema

    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Hi, your texture pack looks great so far. Works fine for me too but Link's tunic looks a bit weird with distracting moire effects and alignment issues Is this how it's supposed to look or some error? Where can i find there particular textures so i...
  3. Imgema

    Anyone tried NICE64 - ICE64 emulators?

    Im testing the latest beta version of ICE64 from emucr and i can say that im impressed so far. The emulator plays Resident Evil 2 and Top Gear Overdrive almost perfectly with default settings (in TGRO you need to enable a certain cheat to work). The only problem is that the audio plugin slows...
  4. Imgema

    Goldeneye - Perfect Dark Dual Analog

    I'm sorry if this has already mentioned, but anyway... i found a way to play these games with dual analog using a controller that has 2 analog sticks (i use a 360 controller). Both games support dual analog but, normally, only if you have 2 N64 controllers, one on each hand. So, in N-Rage...
  5. Imgema

    Mystical Ninja Weird sound bug because of GPU plugin?!?

    Ok, i have this problem.... Rice's 5.2.0 plugin works fine with PJ64, and Goemon slowdown bug is fixed, however... When i use Opengl there are lots of graphical issues, but when i use Directx, while it looks better, some musical instruments are gone! Seems like a sound channel is disabled, not...
  6. Imgema

    Master quest Lens flare oddity...

    Ok, now that bugs me... In master quest ROM lens flare exist, right? So, im playing my brand new Zelda bonus disk right now, you know the one that comes with Wind Waker on GC, and Lens flare effect is missing. From both Master Quest and Oot. Have anyone noticed this? Is it a PAL version oddity...
  7. Imgema

    South Park Rally

    What are the best settings for SouthParkRally on your opinion? Does this game have any problems on your pc?
  8. Imgema

    Roms = Promotion!

    It sounds weird, but i believe that emulation CAN be a good thing for a company, especially for Ninendo, a company with almost no piracy at all. I'm not talking for GBA roms here, thats a bad thing considering that GBA is on sale right now. Im talking about Nes, snes, and of course N64 roms...
  9. Imgema

    Body Harvest... The same problem for YEARS

    Its just me or Body Harvest is unplayable? Everything seems fine at first, good gfx,sound & stuff but later on you will notice that it has some serious clipping problems. For example all buildings have some invisible walls or something that prevent you from reaching doors or stairs... as you...
  10. Imgema

    Sound Ripping???

    Anyone knows a good sound ripping tool for N64 Roms? N64 games have some of the best tunes ever, in general, and mp3s are hard to find.... I found a tool named "Sound Bk Ripper" but it doesn't work