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  1. Talas

    Help and advice for a new comp

    Heya everyone, its been a while since I posted, but I am quite happy to see that the forum is still alive. :-) What with the whole Web 2.0 thingy drawing away attention from forums. At least, thats how it looks to me. Anyhow, I would like your advice. My PC is like five or six years old and I...
  2. Talas

    NullDC support starting from CDs?

    Heya everybody, it has been quite a while since I was here last and I can see that chankast is no longer the best DC Emu. I downloaded NullDC and got it working, but I only have my DC isos on CD, because Chankast was able to start games from the CD-Drive. Am I wrong or doesnt NullDC support...
  3. Talas

    Changing Screen Resolution in VBA help

    Heya everyone, I am using the newest version of GBA and I would love to play some of the games via cable on my TV. Thus I want to change the screen resolution to 640x480. There is an option in the settings for it, but its grey and I cant choose it. I tried to disable filters and stuff, but I...
  4. Talas

    Free and good MP3 Cutter?

    Heya everyone, I would like to cut small samples out of MP3 files. Anyone know a simple and free programme to do that? I want to use the samples for my mobile phone as ringing tone. greets and thanks, Talas
  5. Talas

    Nintendo DS - Wi Fi Connector

    Hi Guys, now, as some of you might have read, I bought a DS three weeks ago. I do have broadband at home, but my router is not wLAN, so I havent been able to play with the DS online yet. So I found this little goody on, the "Nintendo DS - Wi Fi Connector". Says you can just install...
  6. Talas

    The "Nintendo DS Greatest Games" Thread

    Hi everybody, since I bought my DS, I have been in enjoying it very much. For now, I am playing "Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training" "Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow" "Pac Pix" "Advance Wars DS" "Super Mario DS" but I am already feeling itchy to buy one or two games. I am thinking about "New Super...
  7. Talas

    Got Meself a Nintendo DS Lite

    Heya Guys, bought a Nintendo DS Lite yesterday, along with Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training. And I have to say... its FANTASTIC. Castlevania is standard quality, the Brain Training is real fun and the DS is really really good. Now, I would like to ask the community...
  8. Talas

    Porting a Microsoft Power Point Presentation

    Heya guys, I just encountered a very strange problem with Microsofts Power Point. I started creating a Presentation, because I wanted to make a something like a small cartoon (of course, its no cartoon, but its got photographs, music and movies). I dont know if PP is the best program for that...
  9. Talas

    ZSNES freezes my PC

    Hey everyone, I never had any problems with good ol ZSNES (the newest public release) but a couple of days ago I started it up again to play some nice games. After like 4 minutes of playing PLOK! all of a sudden the sound started repeating itself and the emu freezed. First I thought it was...
  10. Talas

    Removing a used EXE File

    Hey everyone, ok, I got a strange problem. Some days ago I searched for a free cyrillic fond on the internet. I found one pretty fast. When I downloaded the file, it was called bk1251.exe and I downloaded it unto my desktop. Now, I clicked on that file and a PKSX Extractor openend in DOS and...
  11. Talas

    GBA Games Best of

    Hey everybody, bought a GBA SP the other day, along with a couple of games: Zelda: Minish Cap Pokemon (Forgot the Edition) Advance Wars 2 Advance Guardian Heroes Now, I think I will sell Pokemon and Advance Guardian Heroes again, dont like them. I really like Advance Wars 2, reminds me of...
  12. Talas

    Hm... Playing ZSNES on a notebook

    Hey everyone, I just got this very nice Toshiba Notebook with a 15.4'' monitor. I tried to play some good ol SNES games on it (with ZSNES). It does work but I can play it only in a window since my notebook has a 1280x900 (I think) resolution, broad screen. Any possibility to stretch ZSNES to...
  13. Talas

    Huh? No new posts?

    Hi everyone, the last couple of days, I am encountering some strange problems with Whenever I visit, I click on the "New Posts" Button and get... well... the new posts of course. Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 1.03, whenever I click on "New Posts" there are none. I get the...
  14. Talas

    How do I use the High Res Textures?

    Ok, sorry if this post is stupid, but how do I implement all thos great looking new high res textures into the games? What do I have to do?
  15. Talas

    Sound Issues with Syphon Filter 3 on ePSXe

    Hi everyone, I was just trying to play Syphon Filter 3 (I heard it was good) on ePSXe and after playing thru level 1 the game just stopped. After saving the game just stops doing anything. Anyway knows about that error and knows what to do? Gracias, Talas
  16. Talas

    Upgrading, Exporting and Stuff

    Hey everyone, I want to upgrade my 80 GB Harddisk to a 200 GB Harddisk. Now, I would love to keep all my settings, emails, adresses, bookmarks and extensions from Firefox and Thunderbird. I tried to copy everything to the new HD and just install a new version into the "old" folder. Didnt work...
  17. Talas

    Sunbird work with Nokia?

    Heya everyone, I am going to buy a Nokia 7610 soon and I would love to be able to synchronize my calendars (the one on the PC with the one on the mobile). So I was wondering: I know that it works with the Outlook Calendar :bye3: which I wouldnt really like to use again since I uninstalled most...
  18. Talas

    Olympia 2004 In Athens!!!!!!!!!

    Hej everyone, just wanted to send you warm greetings from Athens. I am here as an international Volunteer for the Olympic Games. So, if you watch Football in Karaiskaki Stadium, look closely, maybe you will see me in my volunteers uniform. Oh, and be sure to have a look at the opening ceremony...
  19. Talas

    New Details on Gameboy DS

    Hi everyone, just visited and behold: There are new details on the DS. Sounds pretty cool to me. Page is in german so use a translation tool, though I think the same text is...
  20. Talas

    Soulcalibur COMPLETE! Savestate

    Hi everyone, for all those of you guys who love Soulcalibur but dont want to play it through to get Edge Master, Inferno etc. I have uploaded my VMU right here. I sure hope this is legal. Why shouldnt it be? :whistling Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. Although, if you havent played...